Gaussa crowned ‘golfer of the month’


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, April 30, Mountain Shadow – Stableford

The test for the day was to be Mountain Shadow, a notoriously difficult course but one that these days is always in good condition and a pleasure to play.  Plus it has good rate, so after a cuppa at Bert’s it was off for a day in the sun.

Soon on the first tee, we found the course nearly empty, still the sun was out and so was a very strong wind.  The course was in very good condition, with clean fairways, rough as is usual here, and the greens were a little slower than normal, so the course was a fine place to walk around, except for the heat.  Most struggled towards the end, particularly the scribe.

Dick Warberg (right) presents The MBMG Group Golfer of the Month award to Mike Gaussa.Dick Warberg (right) presents The MBMG Group Golfer of the Month award to Mike Gaussa.

Round over it was soon in cars and back to Bert’s for the results, and these were really important as it was The MBMG Group Golfer of the Month day.

The winner today was Mike Gaussa with 36 points ahead of a count back on 35 points that saw Bill McGarvie in second and Brian Parish in third.  In fourth was Barry Elphick with 34 points.

With his win on the day Mike Gaussa won the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month.  Well done Mike!

Near Pin:  Mashi Kaneta, Bob Watson, Bill McGarvie.

Friday, May 3, The Emerald – Stableford

Just another day out in paradise?  Well not quite, it was windy and very hot, but apart from that it was a really good day out.

This course tends to be one you either love or hate, it really all depends on how much you like playing off lies that can be anything from way above your feet to way below, or even then downhill lies across the slope or vice versa.  Get the idea, very few flat lies.  Then of course is the fact that most of the greens are above you and are very narrow, so you have to have the ability to hold narrow greens way above your feet.

Throw into the fact that it is usually windy here and you can see why it is beloved or hated.  Still, on this day we had 15 players who went out to test themselves, and very surprisingly did very well.  The course was in pretty good condition, the greens are always fast and usually true if you can get up to them.  Putting above the hole can be tricky, especially as on this day when the greens were cut ‘vertically’ so putts were affected depending on going with the cut or across it.

On this day we were also just on the edge of a weather front so had some drops of rain and some thunder in the distance.

Back at Bert’s it was interesting to see the players were showing such good results.  Winner with a gross 72 and 40 points was Bob Watson, ahead of Mick Coghlan with 38 points in second.  In third was Max Scott with 37 points ahead of Nigel Perry with 36 points.  In fifth we had a count back on 35 points that saw Mashi Kaneta fifth ahead of Mike Gaussa and Barry Oats.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin:  Barry Oats, Bob Watson, Joel Flor, Alex G.

Friday winner Bob Watson.Friday winner Bob Watson.

Tuesday winners pose with Pu and one of Bert’s finest.Tuesday winners pose with Pu and one of Bert’s finest.