Giles tops leaderboard pre-marriage at Pattaya Country Club


PSC Golf from Billabong
Wednesday, 27th January
Pattaya Country Club

It’s a long time since the Billabong has visited the Pattaya Country Club but Wednesday was the day. With three teams competing it was a casual day out on a course that is in really great condition and the price with the vouchers was excellent also. There were absolutely no complaints at all.

It was decided to call off the Haven Consultants monthly medal and play 2 games next month when the bars are open and we can have the presentation properly.

Jeff North managed to get the only 2 of the day and he had it on the 15th for an eagle, great shot mate.

There was a count back for the minor placings with Brian Chapman taking 3rd spot and Wayne Cotterell taking 2nd both scoring 36 points.

The winner on the day was Steve Giles with a fine 38 points. This was his last game as a resident of Thailand, as he leaves for the Philippines next week to be with his new wife. We at the Billabong, both management and staff, wish you and your lady the very best for your future Steve and hope things work out well for the two of you.