Gaussa & Flor get to grips with Pleasant Valley


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, Nov. 20, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

Well the high season is here and we now tend to play the courses that look after us year round.  So off we went to Pleasant Valley.  This course is just ‘up the road’ so to speak, next bridge past Khao Kheow, turn right and it is on the left.  Simple is it not?

The weather looked set to be fine, as the sky looked good.  Now who remembers so much rain in November?  The course looked wet when we arrived but we were allowed carts so it was time to find out if it was in decent condition.

Tuesday’s winners with one of ‘Bert’s finest’. Tuesday’s winners with one of ‘Bert’s finest’.

We were away on time, but as it turned out we were following a 5-ball, however they were playing at a fair pace so we weren’t held up.  We found the course was a bit soggy in places but all in all it was not bad.  As we went along the fairways were in good condition, the rough was not too punishing and the greens, despite the odd problem, were fast and tricky.  All in all we had a fine and enjoyable day out on the course.

Back at Bert’s we got into the results.  In the A Flight, 0 to 19, the winner was Mike Gaussa with 40 points ahead of Kevin Dunne with 39 points in second and Tony Scamber in third with 38.  In the B Flight the winner was Joel Flor with 42 points ahead of Keith Phillips with 41 in second and Colin Faraday in third with 38 points.

Near Pins:  Colin Faraday (2), Mick Coghlan, Mike Gaussa

Long Putts:  Kevin Dunne, Henry Wong

Friday, Nov. 23, Plutaluang – Stableford

I had a choice here, go to a course I do not particularly like, or stay in bed.  Well stay in bed won, and I awaited the return of our brave group who ventured down there to tell me I had made a mistake.  I waited in Bert’s with a cold beer, refreshed and relaxed as they returned. The report is based on their comments.

I am told they played the North and West layout, now I much prefer the other 18 holes, if I must play.  This 18 holes usually grinds me down and I feel it would be better returned to the wild.  It is infested with long leaf grass, however many players swear by this 18 and the N&W combination is used for regional qualifiers.  Mind, I felt much better in my decision.

I am told the weather was ‘rain squalls’, all day and the course was wet with no roll.  Also the rough was soggy and very hard to get out of.  Seemingly the greens were in good condition, except for being a bit slow, and the rain and ground conditions made for a very long round, well over 5 hours.  How sad.

All in all not the most successful of days, however they say the worst day on the golf course is better than the best day at work, and being a ‘Goldie Oldie’ these days I can tell you a ‘ lie in’ is better than struggling around a golf course you are not even keen on.  For once I was not argued with by a band of windblown and soggy golfers.

So to the results and the winner with 34 points was Andre Van Dyk ahead of Mike Gaussa with 32 points in second.  We then had a count back on 31 points that saw Henry O’Brien in third with Mike O’Brien and Daryl Evans just losing out.  Then it was hot tea for some while I had a few cold un’s.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Mike Gaussa, Joel Flor, Kevin Dunne, Dick Warberg