Gale brothers to represent Pattaya Thailand at International Go-Kart World Finals

Austin Gale at the starting grid, just raring to go.

After only a little over 12 months Go-karting at Bira International track, Pattaya, brothers Austin and Toby Gale have seriously made their mark in the racing scene.  Pattaya Mail reported on them back in March 2022, and since then, they seem to have flourished even more so. (Local brothers racing talents win BIG at Bira Circuit)

Recently Toby, 12, won the Rotax Cadet Championship of Thailand 2022, after dominating the 5 rounds throughout the year winning 9 out of the 10 races.  His older brother Austin, 13, also attained major results gaining several 1st and 2nd places throughout the season in the Junior category in various race series.

The young boys will now go to represent Thailand in the Rok World Finals at South Garda Karting track in Lonato, Italy 19-22 October, followed by Toby proudly in the Rotax World finals in Portimão, Portugal from November 19-26, 2022.

Both brothers climb to join a group of Thailand’s top Go-kart drivers in their age category which is something short of remarkable.  In a sport that takes many years to master and refine skills, this amazing siblings duo have achieved the feat in a little over 12 months.

Austin Gale raises his fists in jubilation as he takes yet another victory at Bira Race track this season.

The future
As their podium results and trophy’s count continues to grow, they now look to more international races in 2023 starting with the X30 iGames in Spain this November, a well known race series that runs throughout Europe.  Next year, they will attend major UK races which will see the boys traveling monthly to test their skills against international racers in a far colder climate where the Karts handle very differently.

The brothers race for the well-known CRG Racing Thailand team led by Khun Leng Nimitchaiyapong, whose European team mates have recently won a world Championship Cup.  When the boys race in the UK, they will join the Croc Racing, who already has a Junior World champion within their team.

Nothing left to chance, Austin scrutinises every inch of his race fine-tuned beast before the race.


Team leader Leng Nimitchaiyapong makes final checks on Austin’s super-charged go-kart.

Winston and Sukanya Gale watch anxiously from behind the barriers as their two sons take on the best of the best go-kart racers in Thailand.

Austin gives last minute advice to little brother Toby (123) before the big race.

Toby Gale celebrates becoming Champion for 2022 with the traditional champagne spraying.

Toby (123) leads the pack and charges on to victory.

Toby Gale is declared Podium Champion of the Year.

Toby beats the clock during the qualifying trials.

A jubilant Toby Gale storms to victory.


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