Gabe hits form at Navy


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, March 6, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Off we went to Khao Kheow on a morning when at the last moment some players did not make it, usually due to illness.  What is it about this time of the year that seems to lay so many people low?  Still, we had a reasonable turnout, so it was not long before we were in cars and racing up Route 7 to this great course.  I use the word great because there is no doubt in my mind that on its day this is an outstanding course.

One of the things I look for in a golf course we play on is the atmosphere and the manners of the staff towards the players, and I reported the care with which the staff here reacted when one of our players collapsed last visit.  No better care could have been given, and for a long time now we feel this is probably the friendliest course.  So arriving there and booking in was a little like coming home.

Tuesday’s winner and runner up with one of Bert’s finest.Tuesday’s winner and runner up with one of Bert’s finest.

Onto the first tee and on this day we were due to play the A&B Nines.  The A Nine is the low stroke index nine, and on a day like this we knew if the wind was blowing we were in trouble.  Well the wind was blowing, and as holes 2/3/4/ were into the teeth of it we all struggled.  Still, we did our best and the B Nine proved a little easier.  Tough course and one where if you play well you know it is all worthwhile.

Back at Bert’s it was into the results and on this day we only had one flight and the winner with the only score better than his handicap was Joel Flor with 39 points.  In second was Walter Bachli with 36 points with a count back for third on 34 points that saw Bob Lindburg in third and Kenny Chung in fourth.

Near pins went to Tom Cotton, Walter Bachli (2) and Barry Elphick.

Friday, March 9, Plutaluang – Stableford

Anyone who knows me is well aware of where I put this course in my list of ones to play before I die.  I can remember not playing it for years and not missing it, however we have some really weird people who play at Bert’s and slowly like old age the situation has crept in where ‘someone’ now books the course when he thinks I am not looking.  And this is just because he has some people who actually like playing there.  And some are members.

Friday’s podium placers pose with one of Bert’s staff.Friday’s podium placers pose with one of Bert’s staff.

I have actually played at Navy when it has been in good condition and have to admit there are days when it is quite passable.  On this day we played East and South and they were sanding the East.  The South was not being sanded so we had 9 holes sanded and 9 holes of assorted green speed.

Well we got around and finally sat in the restaurant, which I have to admit is a fine place to eat with a great view, and most important is great value.  We discussed the condition of the course, and as usual I got beaten into the dust and was outvoted by many to one.  People actually like playing here and more do than do not.  I am just pleased ‘The Admiral’ was not playing with us or I would have been put in the stockade.

The winner today with 42 points was Brian Gabe, ahead of Bob Watson with 38 points and a gross 74, on count back over Walter Bachli, with Brian Parrish in fourth with 35 points.

Near pins were claimed by Brian Gabe, Brian Parrish, Stan Everingham and Bob Watson.

As said the before, the course here is well worth playing and is also reasonably priced and the staff here are very pleasant and supportive.  So ‘unloved and unwanted’ the Scribe will be playing next time unless he can accidentally forget to book it, and the ungodly will not let me forget.  T.T.F.N.