Friman tops the week with 40


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Nov. 12, Bangpakong – Stableford

There are a few people who moan regarding the distance to this course but after today’s round, with the condition of the course, the facilities here and the cost, we have a another booking in the third week of January, so that tells a story.

There was one no show Monday morning, no names mentioned, and a few cancellations over the phone but the mini buses left on time, and as we drove up the 7 there was intermittent rain all the way, which caused a few dubious faces to appear in the group.  Upon arrival it was overcast and the six groups teed off but there were no problem weatherwise for the rest of the round.

Mikael Andersson – winner at Eastern Star. Mikael Andersson – winner at Eastern Star.

There were a few ‘umms and arrs’ on the first as to which tee to play off but at almost 6,700 yards we went off the white tees and everyone enjoyed the round and the conditions.

The cut today was 6-17 in division 1 and there were three 38’s on the podium; a 24/21/17 back nine count back saw Don Head, now in retirement, take the win with Mike Combs second and Kri Arnio in third place.

There was a 38 also in division 2 with Fred Temminick beating Jim Connelly by two points and in third place Jeff Van Uffelen beat Andres van Der Laan on a 17/16 count back.

Near pins went to Paul Butler, Curtis Hessler, Lindsay Phillips, Kari Aarnio, Jim Connelly, Paavo and Fred Temminck.

There were no ‘2’s in division 1 but the large rollover in the second flight was shared by Jim Connelly, Don Head and Fred Temminck.

Wednesday, Nov. 14, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

We are working up to the high season now and with over 32 players out today we had three divisions out with the equal cut at 7-15, 16-20 and 21 plus in division 3.

Mauri Friman returned the best score of the day in division 2 with 40 points.  William Chang was second three points behind and Colin James beat his Scottish mate Dennis Scougall 15/13 to take third place after they both came in with 32 points.

Sid Crawley topped division 1 with 35 points while Mike Combs, playing off 13, was second on 34 and Chris Voller placed third with 32.

Jef Van Uffelen was the winner in division 3 with 35 points, Rod Howett came second one point behind and Andres van Der Laan was third with 33.

There were a few comments regarding the condition overall of the 18 holes and the majority will return here in four weeks time.

Near pins today were claimed by Mike Combs, Wilf Latham, Linndsay Phillips, Dennis Scougal, Roar Berger, Gordon Everingham, Rod Howett and Countback Burnie.

Mike Combs and Dennis Scougal were smiling after they split the rollover ‘2’s pot in division 1 while Rod Howett also had a ‘2’ in the second flight.

Friday, Nov. 16, Eastern Star – Stableford

On the way to the course the skyline in the background looked threatening and with spasmodic rain in the area over the past three days we were not sure what to expect today.  We had even more players than Wednesday and ten groups out with almost a similar cut – 8-14, 15-20 and 21 plus.

In form at the moment, the Swedish boy Mikael Andersson won division 1 with 37 points while Mike Missler was second after beating Pete Sumner on a 16/15 back nine count back, both returning scores of 32.

The Canadian bandit Zorro, a.k.a. Paul Chabot, returned without the black mask and won division 3 with 34 points and Iain Walsh was second, beating Joe Kubon 13/11 on the back nine after they both came in with scores of 28.

Paul Hartley was the winner in division 2 with 33 points, Jerry Sweetnam took second on 32 and in third place with 31 was Cully Monks.  Most people responded at the presentation, “who is Cully Monks?”

Near pins were claimed by Ben Durham, Karl Flood, Jerry Sweetnam, Jim Connelly and Joe Kubon (2).

There was a tough pin placing on the 13th today but Jerry Sweetnam birdied it to scoop the division 1 prize in the ‘2’s and in the second division, with a rollover from the previous Friday, Jim Connelly birdied the 3rd and went away a happy chappy!