Friday bowls swings back into action


The Autumn Friday Doubles lawn bowls league is now under way with 12 teams competing for the prizes.  The competition is going to be close with only 2 teams, Jim Headmaster & Russell and Dennis & Banksie, winning their first 2 matches.

There will be a total of 11 matches each to decide the winners.  The Roo Bar have been competing for many years in the competitions and also have their patron, Aussie Bob, as a player.  They have high hopes this season with their experience, but whatever the outcome, they always play competitively, but in the right spirit.

The Roo Bar team of Peter Pan and ‘Skinny’. The Roo Bar team of Peter Pan and ‘Skinny’.

Note:  The Bowling Green is situated in Soi x-Zite and new players are welcome with everything provided included free tuition if required.

The Roo Bar team of Peter Pan and ‘Skinny’.