Fraser shines bright at Emerald

Guy Fraser.
Guy Fraser.

Traveller’s Rest Golf Group

It’s been a fantastic year for the Traveller’s Rest Golf Group with close to seven thousand players participating in the daily competitions. One person however deserves a special mention for his achievements throughout 2018 and that person is Colin Smith. Colin was crowned the King of the Mountain in September for winning the Hua Hin tournament. He was also awarded the honour of Best Player of the Year with an incredible accumulative record score of 780 points and to top it off, he holds the record for the most amount of games played in a single year.

Monday, Dec. 24, Greenwood – Stableford

1st Stew Grant (23) 39pts

2nd Guy Fraser (13) 35pts

3rd Alan Thomas (07) 34pts

Tuesday, Dec. 25, Silky Oak – Stableford

Division 1

1st Arnold Jones (15) 41pts

2nd Kim Roy (16) 40pts

3rd Roger Wilkinson (15) 40pts

Division 2

1st Alun Webber (24) 40pts

2nd Ho Jun-Yoon (20) 36pts

3rd Dave Osbourne (18) 36pts

Wednesday, Dec. 26, The Emerald – Medal

Division 1

1st Guy Fraser (13) net 67

2nd Colin Smith (12) net 72

3rd Alan Thomas (7) net 72

Division 2

1st Lawrence Lee (18) net 68

2nd Kim Seung-Hwan (15) net 72

3rd John Baxter (16)  net 76

Thursday, Dec.27, Phoenix Gold – Stableford

Division 1

1st Derek Thorogood (15) 35pts

2nd Gerry Fernandez (12) 34pts

3rd Greg Bates (14) 33pts

Division 2

1st Andrew Rich (19) 40pts

2nd Mick Folan (21) 38pts

3rd Hung Jae-Lee (16) 32pts

Friday 28th at Burapha

 Division 1

1st Mike Rushant (11) 38pts

2nd Seil Peter (5) 36pts

3rd Barry Wood (12) 35pts

Division 2

1st Lawrence Lee (18) 40pts

2nd Ho Jun-Yoon (20) 37pts

3rd Jim Best (15) 35pts

Saturday, Dec. 29, Pattavia – Stableford

1st Gabriel Enright (20) 41pts

2nd Kim Seung-Hwan (15) 39pts

3rd Guy Fraser (12) 38pts