Four of seven return 37 points

(L to R) Peter Grey & Mark Stapleton, Thursday’s runner up.
(L to R) Peter Grey & Mark Stapleton, Thursday’s runner up.

PSC Growling Swan Golf, played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill”

Thursday, January 2 Greenwood G.C. Stableford

Four out of seven all returned 37 points. The other three were in it till the end.

With three pullouts overnight we were left with a disappointing seven golfers. For the seven that did play, thank you, I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did.

As for Greenwood, there’s not much you can say about this course. In the Growling Swan’s belief, this is a great course that is enjoyable to play. As always, course was in great condition and one would have thought that it could have been on the dry side, but they have kept the water up to it.

With our numbers we played only the one division and for the novelties we played near pin on the four par 3s. There were no long putts.

Unbelievable but true with the field of seven we had 4 golfers all tie on 35 points, then 1 golfer on 34 points, 1 on 30 points, and in last past the post had a score of 27. Pretty close, so those who did not play you missed what was a good day of golf.

1st Bernie McCart (18) 40 pts.

2nd Mark Stapleton (34) 35 pts.

3rd & 4th Volker Buley & Keith Buchanan 35 pts.

Near the pins: A2 (Nobody), A6 Peter Bye, B2 Volker Buley, and B5 Peter Bye.