Emmett fires one up

Stephen Dunn, Fred Birch and Alain Hefner.
Stephen Dunn, Fred Birch and Alain Hefner.

The Golf Club weekly review

Monday, Dec. 4, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Gary Emmett (15) 43pts

T2nd Fred Birch (19) 38pts

T2nd Peter Thomas (23) 38pts

4th Andrew Brannigan (20) 37pts

Green Valley has been our Monday venue for the last ten years but for those who haven’t heard, all three golf courses here will be closed over the first two weeks of January for an Asian Q-School event.  I assume that is why they have sanded the back nine greens.

Andrew Brannigan is winding down his trip to Pattaya and off back home this week so it was good to see him take another spot on the podium with 37 points.

Our buddy Mark Wood had the excellent near pin envelope from Capt. Phil and stalwarts Peter Thomas and Fred Birch cloned a 38 for a second place tie.  The man of the match was 5 shots ahead.  Gary Emmett fired a blistering 43 out there and those strong rounds are getting to be more regular for Gary.

Tuesday, Dec. 5, Plutaluang N & W (yellow tees) – Stableford

T1st Alan McKendry (11) 38pts

T1st Alain Hefner (16) 38pts

T1st Andrew Brannigan (18) 38pts

If your name starts with the letter A and you had 38 points, then stick around.  A quirky podium board today saw three of the lads tied at the 38 point mark.  Alan, Alain and Andrew were the top trio out there today.

We had not played here in ages but comments were generally good, condition was not great but acceptable for the fees asked. It is a lovely setting in the hills of Sattahip and the lighthouse par-3 is always a photo op for the tourists.

“Mouse” McKendry came off slightly better than the other boys as he managed to claim the Caddy Smile near pin as well.

Thursday, Dec. 7, The Emerald (white tees) – Stableford

1st Kenny Aihara (7) 44pts

2nd Bud O’Meara (17) 41pts

3rd Robbie Taylor (15) 38pts

We had cloudless skies at Emerald today and the back nine did get a bit on the hot side

The Emerald was in overall good condition and the scoring was way better than average – 38 points could only get Robbie Taylor a third place box.  Bud O’Meara hit it right for the near pin for our Caddy Smile project and also is rewarded with second place with 41 points.

Kenny had a rough time of it last week, I won’t even mention that “S-word” we all fear. He has certainly rebounded back and the 44 he shot here today was one of his best.

Friday, Dec. 8, Khao Kheow A & C (yellow tees) – Stableford

1st Fred Birch (19) 36pts

T2nd Kenny Aihara (7) 34pts

T2nd Alain Hefner (16) 34pts

The lads were out in force today as we easily filled our 6 tee times for the comp on the A & C tracks.  Pristine was how you would describe the course today and even the greens were faster than normal.  Khao Kheow is on our heavy rotation list and will continue to be as both management and maintenance are excellent here.

Alain Hefner is visiting us from France and continued his good form.  His 34 was good for second place on the podium in a tie with Kenny Aihara.

It was all Fred Birch and 36 was good enough for the win and adding more winnings to the “House Fund” for himself and Yui.  Freddy also padded his pocket with the near pin prize and birdie to boot!