Elphick finds gold at Treasure Hill


The Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, March 14, Treasure Hill – Stableford

We do not seem to have a problem filling the start sheet at this course.  It is an acquired taste though as this is a tough course with its advantages and disadvantages.  On the down side it is very much a country course and hit a shot offline and you are likely to lose a ball in the trees and undergrowth.  The course is also a long way away and at present is very dry with patches of brown all over the place.

On the plus side it is so still and quiet that you can find peace on this course and it has a great rate for a day out.  This is a place to play for a ‘walk in the park’ and it will not worry your back pocket, especially even if you take a cart and it saves you the walk.

Barry Elphick (left) with Tom Harrington.
Barry Elphick (left) with Tom Harrington.

The traffic was light and we got there in plenty of time on this day.  The wind was quite mild and did not show itself until we were well on our way around the course.  The second hole, a par-3, can be a difficult hole and so it proved at 200+ yards with rough all around, so a miss hit here can put you in big trouble.

The rest of the round was as difficult as we expected and we nearly all struggled as the greens were very tricky.  Such is life.  Soon finished it was a quick bite to eat in the clubhouse and then back to BJ’s.

The results were soon under way and it would take a fine round to beat the course.  In the A Flight, 0 to 17, the winner was Tom Herrington with a fine 37 points ahead of a count back on 34 that saw Steve Truelove in second and Landis Brooks third.

Barry Elphick was the winner in B Flight with an excellent 41 points ahead of a count back on 33 points that saw Dave Cooper in second and Gordon Clegg take third.

Front best nine came from John Anderson with 18 points and best back nine by Geoff Bracegirdle with 18 also.


Near Pins: Max Tavendar, Bob Watson, Takeshi Hakozaki (2).

Long Putts: Steve Truelove, Landis Brooks.


Friday, March 17, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

This Friday the schedule took us to Mountain Shadow, a regular stop on our rotation and with a reputation of being a bit tough but good test of golf.  Low season is upon us but still 16 intrepid golfers showed up for the challenge.

The day started out fairly nice, a little cooler and a few clouds.  The course was in good shape, but the golf across most groups seemed to be not going well.  Then, quite suddenly it started to rain, first as a non-threatening drizzle and then gradually heavier and heavier.  Unlike normal Thai rain delays, where it rains hard for 30 minutes then stops, this stopped and started again several times, confounding efforts to complete the round.  In the end half the groups finished and the other half gave up.  One group wanted to continue but their caddies refused.  So we had a special custom made presentation.

Dick Warberg (left) with a damp Mashi Kaneta.
Dick Warberg (left) with a damp Mashi Kaneta.

It pays to stick it out, and Dick Warberg (c/h 20) showed he has the guts by winning with 33 points.  Next in line, smiling but wet, was Mashi Kaneta (14) on 31 points, beating Doug Maiko (13) by one shot, who himself beat Landis Brooks on count-back.


Near Pins: Landis Brooks, Dick Warberg, Doug Maiko.

Long Putts: Gordon Clegg

Best Nines (non-winner):  Landis Brooks, John Davis

Best 12 hole score (everyone finished): Dave Nicholson