El Presidento wins at Phoenix Gold Pattaya


PSC Golf from Billabong

Monday, 14th Dec.
Phoenix Gold

It was a warm day at Phoenix Gold golf course with only a slight breeze getting to us on the 15th hole. Brian Chapman looked like he had been for a swim, and the rest of us didn’t look much better. The course is in magnificent condition, you couldn’t get a bad lie and the greens were something else. Again they were as true as you could get; not overly fast but just right.

Apart from two golfers who had a rough day out, the scores were good with Andrew Woodall taking 3rd with 36 points. The in-form Thiery Petrement took 2nd with 37 points.

The winner for the second time in a row was none other than El Presidento Tim Knight, with a fine 39 points.

There were three twos coming from Thiery, Andrew and Gerard Lambert.