Edwards’ final fling


The Pattaya Golf Society at The Elephant Bar

The Pattaya Golf Society visited Eastern Star on Monday, 7th July, to play a stableford competition.  The course was to play short with a surprising amount of run on the fairways but there were many areas of unmarked GUR which did not help the unlucky golfer.  Greens were also very slow.

In third place, in his first IPGC competition was new member Steve Morgan with 31 points.  In second was Larry Slattery with 32 and the winner was Dave Edwards with 35 points on his swansong performance before returning to UK at the weekend.

Chris Smith recorded the only birdie ‘2’ of the day on the seventeenth and the Booby Bevy went to Zoltan Padanyi after making a more than reasonable fist of things after a sleepless night with an unscripted airport run.

Morgan resets his standards

The Pattaya Golf Society called at an empty Green Valley on Wednesday, 9th July to play a stableford competition on a course that was well presented.

The straight hitter was the king and third place was occupied by old Aussie friend Ron Black with a very acceptable 33 points after an absence of almost a year.  Well done Rod and well done David Thomas for finding a shot on the course to help him break par for a very rare occasion, with 37 points.  The winner was Steve Morgan, playing his final round this trip and when he returns later in the year he’ll be amazed at what we can do to new handicaps when the golfer shoots 40 plus points in only his second competition!  A winning score of 42 speaks for itself.

There were no birdie ‘2’s and the Booby Bevy went to Toshihiro Aoki as a reminder never to walk in front of a ball being played.  Thigh height is not far off everyone’s “kill zone”, especially in Pattaya.

Thomas wins at Holiday Plutaluang

Asahna Bucha is one of the most significant Buddha days in the year and the Pattaya Golf Society showed due respect by playing a stableford competition at Plutaluang on Friday, 11th July.  The assigned track was the South and East combination which was generally in fine condition but some of the greens on the East nine were under repair, but not marked.  The pace of the greens varied enormously across the eighteen holes.

Having left Soi Buakhao in a rainstorm the journey saw the rain disappear at the course but conditions remained very windy.  Results saw Larry Slattery return 33 points for third place, just one behind a steady 34 point effort by Rod Black.  The winner was David Thomas with 36 excellent points.

John O’Sullivan recorded the only birdie ‘2’ of the day on E5 and at the presentation which was held in the clubhouse, ice cool beers in hand(!), many golfers commented on the particularly disrespectful attitude shown by the girl caddies.  But on a non-beer day, having a few cheap beers in a comfortable clubhouse with convivial company more than made up for the earlier frustrations.