East Side golfers hold year-end party


On Monday, Dec. 14, about twenty participants in the East Side Friendly Golf Society (ESFGS) played the A & B course at Khao Kheow, which was in tip-top condition.  The better players went off the yellow tees whilst the lesser lot went off the whites.  There was a big disparity between the average scores of the two groups with the lesser players having the greater enjoyment of a more manageable, shorter course. 

Returning to Shenanigans By The Lake, the group was greeted by a splendidly laid table in perfect accommodation for a bonhomie dinner.  And what a splendid three-course dinner it was.  A selection between two choices of food having previously been individually made the meal was presented by delightful, friendly staff.  The wine flowed freely and the food portion sizes were so ample that one and all were soon popping their belly fastenings.  Well done and thank you Shenanigans.

East Side Friendly Golf Society members enjoy a festive dinner at Shenanigans By The Lake.East Side Friendly Golf Society members enjoy a festive dinner at Shenanigans By The Lake.

Brian and Tiger managed the event to their customary perfection and on behalf of the participants I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for all the behind-scenes and up-front work that goes on to make the group such an enjoyable hassle-free experience for us all week in week out.

The plethora of near-pin and long putt prizes were distributed as were the payouts for the best competitors on the day.  Every competitor came away with a bonus of some sort.

The playing statistics for the year were presented and it comes as no surprise that the consistency enjoyed by the better, lower handicap players raised them to the top, led by Tiger Jumparnit.  We know Thailand is the ‘Land of Smiles’ but Tiger comes out top in this respect also.

Of note was the re-emergence of Aka O’Reilly.  Aka has not been in attendance since he collapsed heavily in a flowerbed post dinner seven years ago.  It was widely assumed that his unsightly putting yips had caused him to jerk-off the golf courses entirely.  Not so, we were assured by Aka.  His non-attendance has been due the fact that he has been busy attending to major affairs of the world, some of which can be summarized as follows: Brokering a lasting peace in the Middle East; Advising G8 delegates on a sustainable international trading platform and stable world economic order; Ensuring that the population of India and similar countries have a plentiful supply of food and clean drinking water on-tap; Quelling a dozen of the ghastly wars raging in Africa; Rearranging Rory McIlroy’s golf swing so as to make him a better player etc.

Obviously Aka has been very busy but he assured the group that by juggling his schedule he hopes to be able to join for dinner next year.  On leaving the party Aka artfully dodged the flowerbed which had been his nemesis seven years ago, only to then spiral nose down into the car-park gravel just a meter short of the haven of his taxi.  Another small step Aka – another outcome!

Happy Christmas to those who believe there can actually be such a thing and bah humbug to the rest.