Derek dazzles with 45 points

Winner Derek Phillips with Links Ladies Moon (L) and Joy (R).

PSC Links Golf Society

Wednesday, Sept. 23
Burapha A+B

The sky was light grey and the humidity high as our thirteen Links golfers assembled at the first tee, A1 at Burapha. As there were no other players in sight, the starter allowed us to go when ready, which was about 15 minutes before our scheduled time.

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Near the end of the round the sky became much heavier and a breeze picked up to coincide with the sound of distant thunder.

The first three groups, 3-balls, made good time and were into the locker room before the first light drizzle started, and then it became heavier to just catch the slower last group, a 4-ball.

The course, generally, is in good condition with nice fairways, but the rough on the ‘A nine’ has not been cut so is very thick and hides the ball very well, not quite so much on the ‘B nine”, but still causing problems for those who choose to leave the fairway.

The greens had not improved since our visit earlier in the month and were sandy and slow.

Having said all that, our first four place-getters must have stayed on the fairways as the scores were excellent, one even better than that.

When Derek Phillips has one of his ‘on’ days he finds plenty. Under the circumstances, as above, he has closed his mind to it all, and those in his group were awed by all facets of his game Wednesday. 45 points in any game, on any course, has to celebrated. Well done to Derek.

Mike Firkin has had a good run recently with scores in the forties. He did that again Wednesday with a great score of 41 points but, as it turned out, he could only run second to his mate and fellow group member.

Sort of newcomer, he has had a couple of games with us a year or so back, big hitting Michael Blumhagen scored an excellent 39 points on a course that he has not seen in a long time.

Wayne Peppernell is still keeping up some good form and his 38 points ‘only’ got him fourth place.


Winners at Burapha

1st Place – Derek Phillips (14) – 45 pts

2nd Place – Mike Firkin (19) – 41 pts

3rd Place – Michael Blumhagen (10) – 39 pts

4th Place – Wayne Peppernell (13) – 38 pts

Best Front Nine (non winners) – Tip Briney – 19 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners) – Serge Straeten – 20 pts


Burapha still has the special over 60s price of 1250 baht all-in, at least until the end of next month.

An interesting side line: Tip Briney scored his third consecutive 37 points, but missed out on a place this time.