Davis’ winning streak continues


PSC Golf from the Ferdinand Golf Bar

Sunday, July 19, Green Valley – Stableford

Just a small group for our Sunday game at Green Valley and under a grey and foreboding sky we set off.

The usual battle between Colin ‘The Donkey’ Davis and Freddy ‘The Quiet One’ Starbeck was very tight but on the back 9 the pressure started to show and ‘The Donkey’ and ‘The Jockey’ (Nick Shaw) started to canter, and the match finished on the 17th, but Freddy could still save some cash on the last.  The Donkey stumbled and Freddy pounced on the green in 2 and all it needed was a 3 putt, but the transport manager saved his job for another week with a 4 put (what`s pressure?)

1st Colin Davis (18) 33pts

2nd Freddy Starbeck (12) 30pts

3rd Nick Shaw (16) 26pts

Monday, July 20, Khao Kheo – Stableford

This week we said goodbye to Peter (speaks Thai) Hynard, off on his annual holiday to Europe, while we here are all joining the Simon and Garfunkel fan club (sounds of silence).

Colin Davis.

Onto the golf and on Monday 9 hardy souls turned up under a leaden sky at the difficult Khao Kheow.  Three 3-balls went out and ‘lift clean and place’ was the order of the day.  The rain stayed away so there was no reason for the poor scores unless it was the late night Open Golf watching,

‘Silver Surfer’ Barry Oats took first place, with Paul Smith and Alistair Gall coming in second and third respectively on count back.

1st Barry Oats (22) 34pts

2nd Paul Smith (3) 33pts

3rd Alistair Gall (33) 33pts

Wednesday, July 22, Parichat – Stableford

A change of venue today due to reports about the state of the greens at Greenwood and confirmation from the staff there, so it was a quick telephone call to the newest and one of the closest to get to courses.  No problem and a 10.00am tee time at Parichat was perfect.  On arrival the very helpful staff and a green fee of 400 baht set the day off on the right note.  For some unknown reason we all started on the 10th tee so even the walking contingent had to take a buggy to get there.

Barry Oats.

The course was in surprisingly good condition with some cosmetic landscaping being done.  The course itself is not an easy one and you have to know exactly where you are going, so you need to play it a few times before you get a good score as you can see from the results.  But given time to mature and for the golfer to get to know the course it will be a great addition to the Pattaya golf circuit.

The first thing I learnt was to take a cart next time.  The caddies are very friendly if sometimes confused over distances and lines, this will come in time.  Overall a very good day and we will ignore the scores.

1st Rod Brown (16) 32pts

2nd Morten Esseth (22) 32pts

3rd Yve Moutier (12) 30pts

Friday, July 24, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

Only 2 groups today and the car park was empty, so it proved to be a quick round.  We were back in the bar in soi Buakhao at 3.30 p.m. – so much for traffic on a Friday!

The speed of the round was very much the same as the speed of the greens, no matter how many times you play Mountain Shadow you seem to forget how fast the greens are.  Colin had locker No 111 and that‘s how he scored on the front nine.  The greens were a bit slower on the back so the general scoring got better.

Morten Esseth (h/cap 22) hits the ball miles chips like god but can‘t putt  (5 blobs but still 31pts) was the man to beat but The Donkeys (20pts on the back) just did it, with Ed Wycoff‘s back letting him down in third place.

1st Colin Davis (18) 32pts

2nd Morten Esseth (22) 31pts

3rd Ed Wycoff (12) 31pts

Note: The Ferdinand golf bar is situated on Soi Buakhao 150 mtrs from Pattaya Tai (south) road.  Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in and put your name to the list or call Colin on 089 826 0764.  Transport is provided.