Davies dominates at Phoenix

Glyn Davies, Damian Trant and Bobby Driggs.
Glyn Davies, Damian Trant and Bobby Driggs.

The Billabong Bar Golf Society

Monday, August 14, Phoenix – Stableford

Phoenix Mountain and Lake today, and surprising that carts were allowed on the fairways as the course had received a lot of rain.  Unfortunately the rain, along with lightning and thunder, returned before we got to the back-nine and winter rules had to be applied for the rest of the round.

The scores were mostly in the 20s, however there were a couple of golfers out there with Damian Trant coming in third with 32 points, second went to Bobby Driggs with 33 but the runaway winner on 38 points was Glyn Davies, evidently not affected by a little wet weather.

There was only one 2 coming from James Trant.

Wednesday, August 16, Green Valley – Stableford

Three groups of ladies played Green Valley today and even though the course is still not up to scratch it is not far away.  The greens are superb to putt on and judging by the scores it must have been that way.

The scores were terrific with 41 points taking third place, Miss Da had that honour.  In second was Miss Nu with 42 points and the top spot went to Miss Som with a score of 44.  There were two ‘2’s coming from Miss Kran and Miss Phin.

The men’s competition was held at Silky Oak off the white markers.  The course was in grand condition with the greens just playing at a medium pace.  There were 3 people out of the 6 groups that scored 39 points and never got a mention in dispatches and one golfer on 41 that was beaten out of a place as well.  Seil took fourth with 41 points, just edging out Sandy Chapo with one point more on the back 9 holes.  Third place went to Glyn Davies with 42 points and it was a count back for top spot on 46 points between Brian Scott and Auke Engelkes, with Auke just beating Brian by 1 point on the back 9,

There were six ‘2’s, coming from Auke, Brian, Seil, Tony Oakes, George Way and Mike Sanders.

Friday, August 18, Burapha – Stableford

Burapha is not a course for the faint hearted, with its narrow fairways, clawing rough and speedy greens, so as predicted the majority of the field returned score cards well below half their age, but there were a few notable exceptions.

The ever-consistent Gary Ritchie (h/cap 5) secured fourth place with a respectable 37 points, John Harper (7) carded 39 for third and Brian Scott (15) came in second with 40.  The winner of the day though with 43 points was Mel McGowan (24) with an exceptional round of golf.