David Dines scores best of the week


IPGC golf from The Haven

Monday, Dec. 20, Eastern Star – Stableford


1st Rodney Howett (25) 35pts

2nd Rodney Hayes (9) 35pts

3rd David Dines (7) 34pts

4th Brian Libbey 34pts

5th Leslie Cobban (8) 34pts

6th Mikael Andersson (9) 33pts

Having cleaned up in a big way by taking the top prize in the 50/50 draw at the Santa Scramble in the previous outing, Rodney Hayes just failed in his attempt to gain back to back success as he just lost out to Rodney Howett with a worse count-back of 18 to 19 after they had halved the totals at 35 a-piece.  It was some little consolation after Rodney Howett had heard, along with Rodney Nabbe, the big prize winners name being read out by the mischievous announcer as, “and the big winner is Rodney …   Hayes”, which had given them both a bit of a thrill.

David Dines.David Dines.

David Dines slipped into third place with a steady if unspectacular two over handicap round after winning a three way count-back with Brian Libbey and Leslie Cobban as he scored 19, Brian 18 and Leslie 15 on the back nine.  Mikael Andersson had an honourable mention in sixth, another shot behind them.

Once again there were no 2’s in the second division but Michael Dige made it a happy return with the only one in the first division.

Before presenting the prizes the Doc welcomed Mikael Jansson and also welcomed back Michael Clifford, Dan MacCarthy, George Pittam, Mike Hill, Brian Libby, Markku Tynell and Michael Dige.

Wednesday, Dec. 22, Laem Chabang – Stableford

CSS 71

1st David Dines (7) 38pts

2nd Bubbles Davies (17) 36pts

3rd Stuart Thompson (9) 35pts

4th Alex Sala (16) 35pts

5th Phil Knight (9) 35pts

6th Leslie Cobban (8) 33pts

After a close call in the previous outing David Dines took the win with a very good gross 77 on a course that he had not played for over a year and trusted to basic skills and a little assistance from his caddy on the correct line on the greens.  This was at the expense of Bubbles Davies, making a flying visit from China and preparing for the next big one after competing in the Santa Scramble but who had to settle for a second place after failing to score on the seventeenth and collecting a meager one point on the last.

Rodney Howett.Rodney Howett.

Stuart Thompson led in a group, all on 35 points, with a better count-back of 4 on the last 2 holes against Alex Sala’s 3 after they had tied the back nine on 18 and the six on 13 and the last three on 6 each, with Phil Knight taking 5th after an inward half of 16.  Les Cobban got the honourable mention a further two behind them.

For the third time of asking there were still no 2’s in the second division but David Dines, Phil Knight and John Chambers all had one in the first division.

Before the presentations Joe McArdle, John Chambers, Andy Galvin, Ger Lodge, Michael Healey, Richie Martin, John Beshoff, John Pegrum and Alex Sala were all welcomed back.

Friday, Dec. 25, The Emerald – Stableford


1st Brian Libbey (10) 37pts

2nd Trevor Schirmer (14) 35pts

3rd Mike Hill (23) 35pts

4th Rodney Hayes (9) 35pts

5th Stephen Lewis (20) 35pts

6th Danny Greer (25) 34pts

7th Kevin Townsend (11) 34pts

With quite a few of the regulars and holiday golfers taking the day off to celebrate Christmas from very early in the day, the entry list was lower than was expected but a happy group set off for a day’s entertainment prior to the celebrations later.

Having been busily working for the last five months without touching a golf club prior to this week, Brian Libbey added to his fourth place earlier in the week with a fine one under handicap over the well conditioned Emerald course to take the top spot on the podium from Trevor Schirmer by two clear shots.

Trevor won a four-way battle for the next places with a better count-back on the last three by an 8 to 3 margin after he and Mike Hill had tied the back nine at 18 each and the back six at 13.  Mike Hill, having put in a storming 13, 14 and 15th holes and scoring ten points, slipped to lose it at the last hurdle.

Rodney Hayes took fourth with a count-back of 17 on the nine and Stephen Lewis 5th after just 14.  Danny Greer got the honourable mention with a better 21 to Kevin Townsend’s 19 over the inward half.

Kevin Townsend and Brian Libby shared the first division 2’s pot and Tome McCarthy and Stephen Lewis shared the second division rollover pool which was ten times higher than the first.

Back at The Haven Matsuda Misao was welcomed as a new member.

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