Dave McKey continues winning run at Pattana Golf Club

Winner Dave McKey with Phil Davies presenting.

Pattaya Sports Club Links Golf Society
Monday, July 5
Pattana Sports Resort & Country Club B+C

It seems that the new shoes are still having a positive effect on Dave McKey’s golf game. In our last visit here three weeks ago the new shoes, and maybe a bit of talent, gave Dave a long awaited Green Jacket.

On a different course combination, Dave has chalked up 33 points for another win at what must be becoming a favourite course.

At that last game, Paul Anderson was beaten on countback for second place. This time he has lost a tight countback for first place, but he will be happy to be on the podium again.

We played the ‘B’ course first, with the daunting water on each side of the first fairway. Actually, nobody went in the water, although one was close.

The fairways are in good condition and the rough not too nasty. The greens, however, seem to have that same disease that is around and have dry, patchy areas. Ready for their turn at renovation, we think.

The ‘C’ course had been closed for a long time for a big maintenance job, so we were anxious to see how it came up.

Although the fairways are well grassed, they are not the best we have seen them, and the rough on this nine is higher, tighter and thicker than our first nine.

The big surprise was the number of wet areas on the fairways but, as there has been almost no rain recently, the sprinklers are working overtime.

The renovated greens are a mixed bag, with some settling in better than others. The ones that are complete look good and play truly, albeit a bit slower than they look, and slower than what we have known here. The others are still playing truly as well. Only time needed now.

Winners at Pattana
1st Place – Dave McKey (20) – 33 pts c/back
2nd Place – Paul Anderson (20) – 33 pts

Only seven starters again as the ‘holiday makers’ begin to drift back to town from Kanchanaburi.

This day we had ‘millionaires golf’ as our two groups seemed all alone on the course. We teed off 20 minutes early and only saw one group a long way off.

The weather was hot with a nice breeze, strong at times, which kept conditions comfortable. At the ongoing all-in price of 1100 baht, we will return this month for another shot at glory.