Dave McKey again in green jacket territory

Winner Dave McKey with Phil Davies presenting.

Pattaya Sports Club Links Golf Society
Friday, Sept. 10
Khao Kheow Country Club A+B

Having already missed many games during the lockdown and then having the big flooding in Pattaya, causing a cancelled game midweek, it was a worry when, on this Friday morning, there was more overnight rain.

However, by the time players gathered at Links Hotel in the morning, that rain had come to a stop, leaving overcast skies and a slightly cooler temperature.

As we stood on the first tee of the A course at Khao Kheow there was some moisture, but only a drizzle, so the first group teed of pretty much at our booked time.

That drizzle persisted and by the fourth hole had become heavier so that some were scoping out a place to shelter. That was not needed as, when we stood on the tee of the par 3 fifth, the rain stopped and didn’t return for the rest of the round.

The A nine was in very good condition although the fairways quite wet, hence carts on path only, so there were plenty of mud balls and casual water drops in addition to the lift, clean and place rule.

By contrast, the B nine fairways were much drier and firmer, even producing some run.

The rough is thick and deep, as per reports of most courses this past week, but the greens are in excellent condition with good pace, even after the rains.

Khao Kheow was quite busy again, but our three four balls had a clear run of the course.

Dave McKey plays sparingly but when he does line up he usually turns in a solid score and, if he doesn’t win, is somewhere in the mix.

This time Dave has had a steady, low key, first nine total of 16 points, but once hitting the firmer fairways of the second nine has roared home with 22 points for a grand 38 points to claim another Green Jacket. That now gives him one each in June, July and now September, good going.

There has to be a winner and Dave had the most points, but Petur Petursson, playing off a handicap of six and, after scoring 21 points on the wet first nine, had a final score of 37 points to take second place.

Nigel Henson played well again to score 34 points to win the countback for third place.

Len Jones scored 34 points also, losing that countback but, recorded the ‘best front nine’ with 19 points.

Stan Stewart’s back nine of 20 points was much better than his first nine.

Winners at Khao Kheow
1st Place – Dave McKey (20) – 38 pts
2nd Place – Petur Petursson (6) – 37 pts
3rd Place – Nigel Henson (18) – 34 pts c/back
Best Front Nine (non winners) – Len Jones – 19 pts
Best Back Nine (non winners) – Stan Stewart – 20 pts

We know it is the rainy season, but this past week or so has seen some big heavy weather systems around our part of Asia causing plenty of rain and flood damage, and the forecast of more to come. Hopefully the system blows away before it comes to that.