Dave Boran top at the Valley


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Feb. 23, Green Valley – Lewiinski’s Open

A Flight

1st Bruce Anderson (10) net 68

2nd Gary Blackburn (10) net 69

3rd Bob Newell (9) net 70

4th Mike Allidi (3) net 70

B Flight

1st Nick Odnoral (15) net 67

2nd Claude Harder (15) net 69

3rd Thierry Petrement (12) net 71

4th Freddy Starbeck (15)

C Flight

1st Dave Boran (16) net 65

2nd Tom Byrne (16) net 68

3rd Mickey Beresford (19) net 72

4th Eddy Beilby (19) net 74

D Flight

1st Nick Shaw (20) net 69

2nd Pizzato Silvano (22) net 73

3rd Alistair Gall (21) net 74

4th John Hartigan (22) net 76

The Lewiinski’s Open is four days of golf on our tacit home Green Valley and continues to grow in popularity.  The first two days are stroke play with the top fifty per cent and ties going on to play the third and fourth days of stroke play.  Those that do not make the cut line clean their sheet and play a two day stable ford.

Sunday winners: Nick Odnoral, Bruce Anderson and Dave Boran.Sunday winners: Nick Odnoral, Bruce Anderson and Dave Boran.

The top score of the day on Monday was not competing in the Open as he had prior commitments so Dave Boran was the top man in C Flight and man of the match with a sizzling net 65.  The inform Irishman Tom Byrne took the silver with a rock solid net 68 and was four clear of Mickey ‘nine holes’ Beresford, and a further two more of Eddy ‘the Eagle’ Beilby.

In the premier flight Bruce Anderson’s net 68 filled the top spot.  Bruce was followed closely by ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ Garry Blackburn (who was also not in the Open comp although he is a current winner).  Hooray!  ‘Broadmore’ Bob won a count back despite numerous attempts he took the bronze with a net 70 over Mike Allidi.

Nick Odnoral lit up B Flight with splendid net 67. Nick was two clear of Claude Harder’s fine net 69 effort while Monsieur Thierry Petrement lifted the bronze with a net 71.  Freddy ‘the quite one’ Starbeck rounded out the flight.

In the junior flight Nick ‘Elvis’ Shaw stood atop the podium with a solid net 69 and the second tier was occupied by Silvano Pizzato with a net 73.  Looking up at Silvano on the next step down was Alistair Gall on 74 while standing just above floor level was John ‘the Irish Rover’ Hartigan.

Nick Odnoral showed his dedication to the driving range is paying off as was the first day leader on 67 followed by Tom Byrne and Bruce Anderson with net 68’s.  Claude harder and Nick Shaw were in fourth on 69’s as Bob Newell and Mike Allidi were joint fifth with net 70’s

Ten players shared the 2’s pot.

Back at Lewiinski’s and after the presentation Dave Boran rang the bell to celebrate his fine win with all his new friends.

Monday, Feb. 24, Khao Kheow – Stableford

A Flight

1st Chris Barrett (15) 35pts

2nd Max Scott (6) 35pts

3rd Martin Finn (18) 34pts

B Flight

1st Barry Oats (20) 34pts

2nd Brian Cooper (25) 33pts

3rd David Dunne (19) 33pts

A relatively modest group, attributable to the Lewiinski’s Open and back to back playing days, took on the favourite of many – Khao Kheow.  The scores on the day reflected the difficulty of the course as no one matched or bettered their handicap.

Chris Barrett and Aussie star Max Scott, were co-men of the match and occupied the top spots in A Flight; Chris got to stand a little higher on the podium after the count back.  A count back was also needed to sort out the bronze spot as Martin Finn and Pat both returned 34 points but the luck of the Irish was absent for Pat as he was left out in the cold and pot less.

B Flight belonged to Barry Oats and his 34 points and that left Brian Cooper and David Dunne in mortal combat tied on 33points.  Somehow Brian managed to sneak the silver while David wasn’t looking.

Barry Oats slotted home the only 2 of the day.

Tuesday, Feb. 25, Green Valley – Lewiinski’s Open (Day 2)

A Flight

1st Bob Newell (9) net 69

2nd Kevin Roberts (9) net 68

3rd Eric Gobert (5) net 68

4th Mike Allidi (3) net 70

B Flight

1st Dave Driscoll (14) net 69

2nd Freddy Starbeck (15) net 71

3rd Rannay Singh (14) net76

4th Paul Hack (14) net 76

C Flight

1st Barry Tregurtha (19) net 69

2nd Eddy Beilby (19) net 70

3rd Terry Mangan (16) net71

4th John Warren (18) net 72

D Flight

1st Nick Shaw (20) net 72

2nd Seamus Byrne (22) net 72

3rd John Hartigan (22) net 73

4th Colin Davis (20) net 73

The cream began to rise on Day 2 of the Lewiinski’s Open as Bob ‘Broadmore’ Newell followed his net 70 with a man of the match net 69 for a two day total of 137, three clear of Mike Allidi.  Nick Shaw followed his opening net 69 with a net 72 for a total of 141along with Eric Gobert and Kevin Rogers.  First day leader Aussie Nick Odnoral faltered, albeit slightly, to still be in contention standing on 146.  Eddy the Eagle’ Beilby, last year’s contender over three days, was at 144 with a great chance so it really was all to play for.

Nine 2’s were recorded.

The cut was made at 153 so all the players with that figure or less went on to play the third and fourth day of the Open.  Those who sadly missed the cut had two days of stableford to look forward to.

Thursday, Feb. 27, Green Valley – Lewiinski’s Open (Day 3)

A Flight

1st Bruce Anderson (10) net 71

2nd Steve Mulberry (11) net72

3rd Mike Allidi (3) net 72

B Flight

1st Paul Hack (14) net 65

2nd Freddy Starbeck (15) net 68

3rd Claude Harder (15) net 73

C Flight

1st Silvano Pizzato (22) net 68

2nd John Warren (18) net 70

3rd Tom Gorey (18) net 70

On Day 3 ‘Broadmore’ Bob Newell led the field by a shot, a lead he shared with Freddy Starbeck and his new found swing.  Bob returned a net 74 for a 3 day total of 211 as Freddy fired a net 68 to pick up six shots just like that.  Mike Allidi kept the pressure up as he added a net 72 for 212.

The biggest mover of the day and man of the match was Paul Hack with a sparkling net 65.  He now stood at 214 over the three days with Kevin Rogers also is tied with Paul.

Steve Mulberry, Nick Odnoral, Dominic Downey and Thierry Petrement shared the 2’s pot.

Update: Every golfer’s worst nightmare fell on Bob Newell as he was DQ as he accidently signed for a wrong score.  To say Bob was gutted would be an understatement.

Thursday, Feb. 27, Green Valley – Stableford (Plate)

A Flight

1st Paul Shaw (8) 39pts

2nd Hans Stofel (10) 36pts

3rd Reg McKay (12) 36pts

B Flight

1st Charles Cunningham (17) 35pts

2nd David Dunne (19) 33pts

3rd Brian Catterson (15) 33pts

C Flight

1st Bruce Walters (30) 34pts

2nd Derek Phillips (22) 33pts

3rd Thierry Danzas (26) 33pts

There was plenty of action for those not in the hunt for the big prize.  Those who missed the cut, or elected to drop down, battled it out for the Plate.

The first three to break from the pack were all from A Flight and top of the heap and man of the match was Paul Shaw with a rock solid 39 points.  Hans Stofel and Buckie boy Reg McKay both returned steady even par rounds to lie in second place.

B Flight’s Charles Cunningham on 35 points was in fourth as four players, David Dunne, Brian Catterson, Derek Phillips and Thierry Danzas occupied fifth place on 33 points.

Robin Peach and Jum Karagit split the 2’s pot.

Friday, Feb. 28, Silky Oak – Stableford

A Flight

1st Peter Henshaw (17) 37pts

2nd Mike Jeffreys (14) 35pts

B Flight

1st Aiden Murray (20) 36pts

2nd Gerry Roche (21) 31pts

A small but passionate group, due to the bulk of the society taking a rest from Open and Plate comps, turned out at the picturesque and challenging course at Silky Oak.  The weather was hot and humid with a slight wind.

Peter ‘the silver surfer’ Henshaw mastered the conditions slightly better than most and just edged ‘Mike the Welsh wizard’ Jefferys in A Flight by two shots.  Peter was the only player to better his handicap with his 37 points.

B Flight was not to be outdone as they provided the second best score of the day; Aiden Murray with a solid even par round.  This win also gave Aiden the prestigious golfer of the month award.  Irishman Gerry Roche took the silver a non-threatening five shots back.

Brian Price was the sole heir to the 2’s pot.

Note:  Lewiinski’s is situated on Pattaya land Soi 1, Beach Rd Soi13/13 near Walking Street.  Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in and add your name to the list or call Colin on 089 826 0764.  Transport is provided.