Craigie leads the way at Phoenix


PSC Golf from The Billabong Golf Bar

Monday, Dec. 14, Phoenix – Stableford

Our normal Monday round at Phoenix today, and with just three groups playing we were all away on time in some very hot weather, very unnatural for this time of the year.  We did get a little breeze though and some precipitation later in the round as it poured down.

One of the golfers in the last group spent more time on the beach than he did on the golf course, we think the only reason he played was the last time he was here he missed a few bunkers.

Scramble winners Ed Horrocks, Don Hachey and Rick Hiatt minus their secret weapon Neil Decker.

The course was in good condition and you couldn’t get a bad lie, although the greens were a little slow but putted true and we were all playing the same course after all.  The scores were good but not spectacular with the lovely Karen Craigie showing the boys a clean pair of heels with her 38 points.

Left lamenting his poor showing over the last three holes was Greig Ritchie with 37 points, but three 1-pointers on the last three holes is not the way to win tournaments.  Greig beat Howard Marson on a count back for second spot.

There was only one ‘2’ today, and that also went to Karen Craigie.

Wednesday, Dec. 16, Green Valley – Stableford

Green Valley was the place to be today and with ten teams playing, we were away to a slightly early start and back having a beer at the Golf Centre exactly four hours later.

Bobby’s Angels in the money.

The scores were not as good as the previous week here, with only half the golfers having 30 plus points.  Bobby’s Angels were all dressed in black to honour the patriarch who was cremated today, a lovely gesture girls and a great mark of respect.  You have to hear the squeals of delight from these ladies to appreciate golf as it should be played, with applause for every good shot and groans for the bad few that happen from time to time.

In the ladies division today the scores were level par and a count back was needed to separate the winners.  Anucha Pulbrook took third place with 35 points while second went to Saipin Woollett with 36, being beaten on a count back by her good friend Sumalee Wild.  There was only one ‘2’ in the ladies division and Noy Kamsanta was the recipient of that prize.

As there were 8 groups playing in the men’s division, along with the ladies, the prizes went down to fourth place and that was taken by Howard Marson with 35 points on a count back over Pat Regan.  Third place went to Allan Beck with his best score in months, 37 points, and second spot went to the unlucky Bob Newell (seemingly beaten on a count back every time) with 38, losing yet another count back to the Sugar Man on the same score.

There were five ‘2’s coming from Bob Newell, Pat Regan, Greig Ritchie, Sugar Ray, and Jim Bell.

Friday, Dec. 18, Plutaluang – Stableford

It was down to busy Plutaluang today for our monthly scramble, a week early as next Friday is Christmas day, and a day off for some fun and serious giving of presents.

With the numbers slightly down we started with 13 groups and were away on time with a two-tee start, although we did have to mix and match a little on the back nine.

The course is in great condition at the moment and we thanked God for every uphill putt we had, because the downhill ones were really slick.  The weather is finally starting to cool down and it was a pleasant day for golf with a lovely cooling breeze keeping everybody content.

The scores were good but apart from 3 groups in the 50s all other scores were 60 plus.  It is always good to see some past champions stepping up to the plate as was the case today.  The Courtyard Cavaliers, who have not been in the prizes for some time finally came to the party and took second place with a fine 57.7.  They were beaten by the team of Ed Horrocks, Don Hachey, Rick Hiatt and their secret weapon Neil Decker, who hits the ball a country mile, with 56.4.  Taking third place a distance back was the Billabong team consisting of Bill Marsden, Greig Ritchie, Paul Greenaway and Bob Philp with 58.9 while in fourth was the quartet of John Player, Sel Wegner, Sa and Brian Maddox with a score on 60.7.

It really was a good day out and a big thank you to management and staff of Plutaluang for making the day so good for all.

The management and staff of the Billabong would like to wish all our friends the very best for Christmas and New Year and hopefully it will be a great year for you all.