Covill takes the plaudits at Greenwood


The Billabong Golf Group

Monday, Nov. 26, Greenwood – Stableford

Playing Greenwood for the first time for me in at least 2 to 3 years and nothing has changed – the greens weren’t in that good a condition but they were as fast as any around this area.  The course itself was in fine condition, no muddy balls and just a very pleasant walk.

Three group’s played and the scores were some good, some not so good.  One person, Ian Covill, had a great day out while another player, Richie Steadman, had to lay up on a par four a distance of 40 yards off the tee, but apparently it did pass the ladies tee.

It did get hot at times but the drink stands were well stocked with all types of drinks – probably one of the best around for choices of beer.

Wednesday winner Greig Ritchie (left) with Friday winner Jeff North (center) and runner up Darl White. Wednesday winner Greig Ritchie (left) with Friday winner Jeff North (center) and runner up Darl White.

Good to see the shine back on George Barrie’s club’s again.  Anyway down to the winners and losers.  Coming second was Bob Pearce on a count back over John Locke with 34 points and the winner by a country mile was Ian Covill with a fantastic 40 points.  Again there were no ‘2’s, quite amazing as this makes four golf outings on the trot with no ‘2’s.

Wednesday, Nov. 28, Green Valley – Stableford

Green Valley was our scheduled venue today – well that was until the storm struck.  3 groups played until the last of them got stormed off on the 16th green.  You would have to feel a little for Darl White as he hit a great shot to the par three 16th about 3 feet for a birdie but alas that was when the rain started to hammer down on us and the water stopped his put 6 inches short.  Hard luck mate, next time perhaps?

There were two 2’s today, one from Brian Wilkinson and the other from Greig Ritchie.

We stopped the competition at the 16th and did the results at that point.  The winner was Greig Ritchie with 32 points and George Barrie running a close second with 31.  Although we played ‘lift clean and place’ it wasn’t really necessary on every lie you had.

Friday, Nov. 30, Treasure Hill – Stableford

Treasure Hill was the venue for today’s round and this course just keeps getting better and better; the work they are doing is paying off big time.  Fourteen players competed and it was welcome to John Lee and Mick Bowl’s from the Emerald Isle – good to see you fellas, also JJ Harney and Scott Eaton, sorry you had to take a hiding from Greig and Richard but the beer was cold when they eventually got back to the bar to buy one for you.

The winner today was Jeff North with a fine 36 points.  Runner up was Darl White on 35 points and third was Capt Bob with 34.  There was only one 2 today and that went to Capt Bob on the sixth with a putt from off the green.

As Darl, Kiwi Bill and the Capt were playing in a 3-ball it was decided to play a skins game and when we finished there was not enough in the kitty to buy a beer, it was that close.  A great day out all round!

Note:  The Billabong golf bar is situated looking down the Mabprachan Lake just off Siam Country Road.  Call in for a cold beer or give Bob a call on 082 204 3411 if you would like to play with a friendly bunch of guy’s.