Count-backs abound at Fairways monthly


PSC golf from The Fairway Golf Society

Tuesday, June 28, Phoenix – Phoenix

There were 94 golfers participating in today’s tournament which is a fantastic turn out for this time of year.  It was also nice to see a few more lady entrants.  Unfortunately we had problems at the start due to the staff allowing a Korean six-ball to tee off just ahead of us.  Fortunately we got the management to send out a marshal and split them up into two three-balls, so it took a few holes before we started to move along at a comfortable pace.

At the turn it looked like there was going to be a host of low scores as so many players were well under par.  It really looked like 40 plus points would take the honours, but it appeared that they could not keep the momentum going.  Even so the scoring was of a very high standard.

A Flight winner Chris Brendle.A Flight winner Chris Brendle.

Two of the divisions were decided on count-back with Kevin McIntosh losing out 21-19 to Chris Brendle in the A Flight while Bob Crawford lost out to John Hadden in the C Flight, 18-17.

The shot of the day came from Danny Larson whose tee shot on the par-three 16th pitched just one inch from the hole and stayed there when all it needed was a one ball revolution to give him the acclaimed hole in one.

The next monthly tournament will be held at Green Valley on Tue 26th July.

Today’s technical prizes were awarded as follows:  (Long putts) Mike Ryder & Nicky Clow. (Long drives) Ning Neal, Jonny Larson, Kevin McIntosh, Noi Emerson, Steve Harrison & Briny Cristie. (Near pin in three shots) Briny Christie, Richard Hurley, Willi Buschmann & Tony Dauth. (Near pin in two shots) Jon Lay, Danny Larson, Mark Reid, Richard Hurley, Chris Brendle (2). (Near pins) Henry Wong, Willi Buschmann, Pepo Frick, On Sadok, Gunnar Morero & Danny Larson.

A Flight (0-13)

1st Chris Brendle 39pts

2nd Kevin McIntosh 39pts

3rd Jeff Calrow 38pts

B Flight (14-18)

1st Frank Riley 39pts

2nd Werner 38pts

3rd Willi Buschmann 37pts

C Flight (19-up)

1st John Haddon 38pts

2nd Bob Crawford 38pts

3rd Nicky Clow 37pts


1st Yuza 39pts

2nd Ning Neal 37pts

The order of merit leader in the men’s division is Werner, closely followed by Mark Reid, while the ladies leader is Noi Emerson.

Friday, July 1, Crystal Bay – Stableford

Once again we were very lucky with the weather as it was raining all the way to the course.  We decided to take a chance and start in the rain and fortunately it stopped after a couple of holes.

The scoring was prolific today with a three-way tie for first place; Patrick Engles winning with 22 points on the back nine to 20 & 19 from his closest rivals.  The handicapper should have a field day with the scissors with these three.

Near pins went to Rob Davis, Patrick Engles, John Coetzee & John Haddon.

1st Patrick Engles (17) 42pts

2nd Nicky Clow (28) 42pts

3rd Frank Riley (18) 42pts

Note:  The Fairways Driving Range and Golf Society is situated at the top of Pattaya Klang on Sukhumvit Road and plays every Sun/Mon/Wed & Fri.  Anyone wishing to play with us can call into the club house and put their names down on the lists provided or call Scott on 084 389 2379.  Transport provided if required.

B Flight winner Frank Riley.B Flight winner Frank Riley.

C Flight winner John Haddon.C Flight winner John Haddon.

Ladies winner Yusa, 2nd right, collects her prize.Ladies winner Yusa, 2nd right, collects her prize.