Count backs abound at Emerald


PSC golf from The Bunker Bar

Wednesday, Oct. 12, The Emerald – Stableford

A few more golfers than normal turned up today after Monday’s cancellation for rain so the first four places paid out!

Count backs decided the top positions with Tore Eliasson beating Alan Freeman to first place and Peter Habgood edged out Mashi Kaneta for third place.  Gordon Melia tied on 32 points with Mashi but left empty handed because of a poorer back nine!

1st Tore Eliasson (15) 34pts

2nd Alan Freeman (4) 34pts

3rd Peter Habgood (18) 33pts

4th Mashi Kaneta (13) 32pts

Near Pins:  Reg Smart, Gordon Melia, Brian Maddox, Geoff Hart

Friday, Oct. 14, Green Valley – Stableford

Peter Habgood had another good day, winning the stableford competition and taking a near pin prize too.

Peter Habgood. Peter Habgood.

John Graham beat Paul Edgar into second place and Paul had a better back nine than Tony Robbins making Tony lose out altogether – all three finishing with 32 points.

1st Peter Habgood (18) 36pts

2nd John Graham (10) 32pts

3rd Paul Edgar (15) 32pts

Near Pins:  Peter Habgood, Alan Freeman, Gerry Cooney.