Cotterell wins Stableford at Green Valley Golf Club, as Haven Consultants monthly medal postponed

Wayne Cotterell.
Wayne Cotterell.


Pattaya Sports Club golf from Billabong
Wednesday, April 28
Green Valley

The venue didn’t change today we played Green Valley but the format was Stableford instead of playing the Haven Consultants monthly medal.

It was postponed due to Covid-19 with the current restrictions and not being able to have a gathering for Brian Chapman the CEO of the Haven group to give out the prizes. We will play two tournaments next month with luck.

The course was in great condition with some of the greens having a slight dusting of sand on them, but didn’t affect the putting.

A thank you to Wayne Cotterell Wednesday for looking after the golfers and showing them a clean set of heels in the bargain, for he won the day with a fine 39 points.

Keith Allen was second with a handicap equaling 36 points, and once again there were no twos recorded.