Cotterell scores 41 points for top spot


Pattaya Sports Club Billabong Golf
Wednesday, 16th June
Rayong Green Valley golf course

Thank you to Wayne Cotterell once again for looking after the golfers Wednesday at Rayong Green Valley. With only a couple of groups, the lads got away a little early and just breezed around.

The course is in great condition at the moment with quite fast greens and fairways that are easy to hit off. The scoring was not too bad either, with nearly all of the players scoring better than 30 points.

Steve Watkins scored 37 points to take 2nd spot with the organizer Wayne Cotterell scoring 41 points to take the top spot. There were no twos recorded.

As we have missed the April and May Haven Consultants monthly medals, we are going to have the June one on Wednesday the 30th with a presentation on the golf course itself to remain inside the covid restrictions. The April and May tournaments will be played midmonth in July and August to catch up.