Cool wind blows Dave Arataki to victory

Dave Arataki wins with an excellent score of 38 points on a trying day.

Pattaya Sports Club Links Golf Society
Thursday, Jan. 12
Pleasant Valley

There was nip in the air on this Tuesday morning as our seven golfers made their way to Links Bar. At 7.00 am the temperature was 16C and windy to boot. That blustery wind only increased more and more at the golf course and the temperature struggled to reach 22C during the round.

The course was in good condition with the fairways not yet showing signs of drying and having some run. The greens are playing well, even with some light sanding. A worker added some sand to the ninth green just after our groups finished the hole.

There were a few golfers around the course and, as there were a couple of Thai groups coming after us, the starter was anxious to get us started, so we had our first group teeing off 25 minutes early.

The cool and gusty wind kept up for the whole round and affected some scores. Not so Dave Arataki as he blew them away with an excellent score of 38 points on a trying day.

At the half way, having already put together 23 points, he commented, with a big smile on how, some days, everything seems to work. His second nine was not as spectacular, but a solid 15 points was enough to hold the lead.

George Mueller was there again and took second place with a consistent game to score a very handy 36 points.

After these first two, the scoring dropped off, with the next best being Steve Moxey’s 31 points.

Winners at Pleasant Valley

1st Place – Dave Arataki (26) – 38 pts
2nd Place – George Mueller (15) – 36 pts

A couple of years ago, Pleasant Valley introduced Free Form Friday where the caddies would abandon the uniform for one day and wear ‘civvies’. However, it appears that this may now be a choice as, today, some caddies wore ‘civvies’ while many others were in uniform. Watching one group, it took a few minutes to realise that the ladies were not playing, but were actually caddies. Something different, and a bit unique, at Pleasant Valley.

Sticking with the current restrictions, there were no showers or locker rooms available, although we are not sure that anyone really raised a sweat today. A slow trip back due to roadworks, but still a very early finish.