Cook comes good at Khao Kheow


IPGC Golf from The Haven

Monday, Dec. 21, Treasure Hill (yellow tees) – Stableford


1st Brendan Dunne (30) 32pts

2nd Markku Tynell (21) 31pts

3rd Walter O’Keefe (14) 30pts

4th Terry Hodgkiss (24) 29pts

5th Allan Hanlon (12) 29pts

6th Adrian Cook (13) 29pts

One of the most picturesque courses on the Haven calendar, but also probably the most difficult to score on, was the start to a short week ahead of the Christmas holiday break.  Perhaps the best part of the day’s golf was the total lack of buildings or structures to be seen from the first tee shot until after the last putt, with even the rest stops well hidden from the playing areas, but at just under 6,400 yards it needs some prodigious hitting from the tee, or a few extra shots to play with, to return a decent score and anything around level handicap is usually in the frame.

Adrian Cook.

Brendan Dunne used his extra strokes to good advantage to follow up his Gold Medal with another win, albeit at four over, as the course took its toll of the day’s hopefuls.  The condition of the layout could not be faulted as the lack of play had left it in almost immaculate shape with the fairways and greens particularly good.

Markku Tynell chased the winner hard but could not quite close the gap, even with Brendan stumbling through the last four, garnering just two points, and thus had to settle for a second place.

Walter O’Keefe also dropped out of the chase as he recorded a couple of zeros through the last four holes to finish in third.

There was a three-way count back for fourth which Terry Hodgkiss won with a best 16, leaving Allan Hanlon in fifth after he scored 9 on the last six and Adrian Cook sixth with 8 after they had tied the inward half on 14 apiece.

There were no ‘2’s in the first division but Terry Hodgkiss had a fantastic one on the world famous 13th which was playing 170 plus yards, and with the wind against he knocked it to three feet and then stroked in a beauty to sweep the rollover pot clean.  In fact it was so impressive that there were one or two requests that Terry’s whole play of the hole be referred to the Ethics Committee, but after a few more beers in the bar they were soon quashed.

Before the presentations were made there was a farewell for the Christmas pudding importer who was leaving to clean out the shelves in the New Year’s sales in the UK, for next year’s festivities at The Haven.

Hopefully with a little less hassle than on the last occasion, as he will be wearing a different coloured nightshirt for travelling back from England.

Wednesday, Dec. 23, Khao Kheow B & C – Stableford

CSS 72

1st Adrian Cook (13) 37pts

2nd Walter O’Keefe (14) 36pts

3rd Mike Dabanovich (12) 36pts

4th Vincent Gras (18) 34pts

5th David Dines (7) 32pts

6th Paul Young (14) 32pts

The once a fortnight trip to Khao Kheow left under clear skies with a slight threat of rain and as the temperature rose the clouds built up but never enough to produce any sign of the precipitation.   But the high temperatures affected the scores through the closing nine holes with a few of the leaders dropping back into the pack and some disappearing altogether.

Brendan Dunne.

The B and C courses are perhaps the toughest of the three combinations from the renowned Pete Dye and at almost 6,500 yards from the yellow tees it is a good test of golf on any day, with results always seeming to be hard to attain.

Again the course was in excellent condition with the greens particularly good, being fast, flat and true to the breaks and certainly added to the day’s enjoyment for everyone from the first to the last.  The last was in fact the organiser who was looking like a blood test would be needed, but then retired hurt with a damaged pinkie on the front nine.

Adrian Cook has been playing well over the past few outings and at last took the top step for his very own with a very strong one under handicap card after starting the day well and keeping the pressure on throughout the tough parts to the finish.

Walter O’Keefe won a count back over Mike Dabanovich, as the latter faded through the closing holes, scoring a better 20 to 16 for a well-earned second place after finishing with a birdie for four points on the last hole.

Vincent Gras almost joined the count back but a couple of single pointers on the sixteenth and seventeenth holes, probably due to a little over hydration, left him just settling for fourth spot and a well-deserved beer in the clubhouse.

David Dines won a count back for fifth with a better 16 to 15 as Paul Young slipped slightly over the last three.

Once again there were no 2s in the first division but Vincent Gras had the only one in the second division on the island eighth hole on the B course after he knocked a nine-iron to five feet and then hammered it home for his first 2 of the year and most likely the last.

Prior to the presentation of the prizes there were welcome backs for Walter Creese and Vincent Gras.

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