Climb any mountain


PSC Golf from Mulligans Lakeside

Tuesday, Jan. 29, Mountain Shadow – Stableford

First to Tuesday, when we went to the flatter of the two mountains we contended with this week – Mountain Shadow – which offers its own unique set of challenges.   Today was definitely a day when the course was the winner, with 33 points the best score, albeit 3 of them.  Leading the way with a back 9 score of 18 was Clive Hoseason (23), while Brian Maddox (22) with 13 & Martin Hayes (12) with 12 picked up the minor placings.

Near pins were shared between Jeff & George.

Thursday, Jan. 31, Wangjuntr – Stableford

Thursday was a longer drive to tackle the Wangjuntr Highland course.  This course is one where it will be something different to every player, so my best recommendation would be, rather than listen to anyone’s criticisms or praise, go play it yourself and make up your own mind.

Tuesday’s top two, Clive Hoseason & Brian Maddox.Tuesday’s top two, Clive Hoseason & Brian Maddox.

The weather was not all that kind to us today, with rain for nearly 2 hours making good golf even more difficult.  Best score went to Jeff Wylie (6) with 31 points while Bob Edwards (8) was a solitary point behind in second spot.

Near pins were picked up by Bob, Rob & Jeff with 2.

Note:  Mulligans Lakeside plays golf generally on Tuesday & Thursday, with ML hosting prompt presentations on both days.  As a PSC affiliated venue we welcome ALL golfers, including ladies & seniors who have opted for the “Silver” tee option.  Call 089 094 1841 for scheduling or enquiries.  Hope to see you there, cheers & good golfing!