Robertson wins monthly award


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, Jan. 29, Mountain Shadow – Stableford

Not really a course that we play on a Tuesday, normally a Friday, however we booked it and found we were full up with 8 groups.  Bert’s in the morning was packed and trying to get them to leave was something of a trial.

Still, soon down the road we were there a bit early so were able to take our time.  A quick book-in here and the changing rooms are not too bad, mind it is a good day when you can get hot water.  So out to the first tee and we were able to get off on time.

Derek Brook (right) presents the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month award to Jack Robertson.Derek Brook (right) presents the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month award to Jack Robertson.

It was a bit windy so we decided to play off the white tees as both blue and white were together, in fact as it happened on all the tees the blue and white were together except one.  Still, I am told most were really white.  Wow!

The course was not in bad nick, the fairways were reasonable and the greens these days seem to have settled down and are nearly playable.  However this will never be an easy course and so it proved on this day, get in trouble and you stay there.

Soon around it was time to check and see if I could find a hot shower, and lo and behold after a look around I found one.  One side had cold showers and the other warm.  Lucky Farang.  So into the restaurant where the food is quite reasonable and well priced.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results and in the A Flight, 0 to 19, the winner was Mark West with 38 points ahead of Tony Berry in second with 37 points.  Taking third spot was the scribe was Derek Brook with 36 points and in fourth was Bob Watson with 35.

In the B Flight the winner was Jack Robertson with 34 points ahead of a count back on 31 points that saw John Hadden in second and Torsten Bischoff in third.  In fourth we had Graham Buckingham with 29 points.

This being the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month, the points were totaled and we found with his first place in the B Flight, the winner was Jack Robertson.  This is Jack’s first monthly win, so well done!

Near Pins:  Mike Gaussa, Bob Watson, Walter Baechli

Long Putt:  Barry Elphick

Friday, Feb. 1, Crystal Bay – Stableford

Wow, playing Crystal Bay on a Friday, what next?  On arriving at Bert’s the place was packed and it seemed like our biggest turnout of the year on a Friday.  So as we had a couple of groups too many it seemed sensible to get down there early and hope to get away as soon as we could.  The cavalcade soon departed, however they were stymied as the traffic was at a standstill on Pattaya Nua approaching Sukhumwit.

Finally underway we then made good time and were soon booking in, and rushed out to the first tee.  Just about making it on time we were told we would play the A & B Nines.  So away we went into a strong wind.  It always seems windy here but the course is very open in many respects so a wayward tee shot can many time be rescued.  Still this is a course that very few will tell you they do not like playing.  On this day it was not in prime condition, but was good enough to have a fine day out.

Friday’s top four with one of Bert’s finest.Friday’s top four with one of Bert’s finest.

Round over it was a quick shower and back to Bert’s for the results and it was a sign of the times that the A Flight performed better than the B Flight.  In the A Flight, 0 to 17, the winner was Landis Brooks with 39 points ahead of a count back for second on 38 points that saw Bob Watson in second and Alan Sullivan in third.  We then had a count back for fourth on 36 points that saw Max Scott in fourth and Brian Parish just losing out.

In the B Flight the winner was Henry Wong with 35 points ahead of Barry Elphick with 32 and Daryl Evans with 30 points in third.  We had a count back for fourth on 29 points that saw Don Carmody in fourth and Mick Coghlan just missing out.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Dick Warberg, Landis Brooks (2), Rodney Beckett, John Marrit, Henry Wong, Daryl Evans, Don Carmody.