Capt. Steve makes winning return


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, March 4, Burapha – Stableford

Thirty-four players to Burapha, plus another 32 players from the Tiac group so a big day and as per usual the starter got us off early, but the course was heavily booked and most groups took just on four and a half hours to complete their round.

The day was overcast and pretty humid following on from the rain on Sunday and overnight, however it was not too wet and carts were allowed on the fairways after 10 a.m.  There was still run on the fairways but some areas short of the green were still a little soggy and you had to fly the ball to the green.  Otherwise the course was generally in good condition but the D greens were a little slower than C and are still recovering from a recent renovation but were good to putt on.

Graham Holmes (left) receives the TIAC trophy from The Outback Capt’ Steve Mann.Graham Holmes (left) receives the TIAC trophy from The Outback Capt’ Steve Mann.

A special welcome went out today to Steve Giles’ mum, Liz who joined us for a hit.

The course was set up a little shorter than normal; so some good scores were recorded in all three divisions.

John Player quite incredibly notched up his 15th podium finish since the start of the year to extend his “Race2Bkk” lead, scoring 41 points off his 19 handicap to win Div B from Paul Rodgers in second with 40 points; whilst Bob Lindborg and Andrew Makara both had 38 points in Div C, as Bob got the nod on count back.

The TIAC group.The TIAC group.

Anton Rowbottam and Tim Knight both had 37 points to take their respective third places in Div B & C and Gary Hogg off a 9 handicap and Paul Bourke off an 11 handicap both scored 36 points in Div A; so good scores by all and well played.

Five ‘2’s were recorded by Gary Hogg and Tim Knight on C5 and Murray Hart, Paul Bourke and Pete Stonebridge on D2.

Div A (0-14)

1st Gary Hogg (9) 36pts

2nd Paul Bourke (11) 36pts

3rd Selwyn G. Wegner (13) 35pts

Div B (15-19)

1st John Player (19) 41pts

2nd Paul Rodgers (17) 40pts

3rd Anton Rowbottam (18) 37pts

Div C (20+)

1st Bob Lindborg (21) 38pts

2nd Andrew Makara (30) 38pts

3rd Timothy Knight (22) 37pts

Tuesday, March 5, Khao Kheow – Stableford

16 players played in today’s competition and at last, after a few words from the General, we played A & B for a change as for the past five weeks it has been B & C; and as usual we played from the yellows.

We teed off about thirty minutes early which caused a bit of confusion as we were still missing one flight as we teed off, so Capt’ Steve was on the phone whilst teeing off on A1 but couldn’t see the names or numbers without glasses, so he borrowed a pair from Rosco and as he took the glasses he handed his driver to Rosco thinking that he was the caddie.  Does Rosco look like a caddie?

Sugar Ray Handford with Steve Davey and Tim Knight.Sugar Ray Handford with Steve Davey and Tim Knight.

The TIAC group of 32 players followed closely behind us for the second day of their four-day competition and on Thursday, they would play their third round at Siam Plantation, finishing on Friday with us again at Green Valley.

This course has noticeably improved and it was in pretty good order with no need for preferred lies; it was just a shame to see that some of the bunkers hadn’t been raked – remember it’s up to the player to check that his/her caddie does her job properly.

As usual the course was the winner, with nobody bettering their handicap with Rosco edging out Muzza in a last six holes count back, both on 35pts.  Third went to Suzi, one back on 34 and Rod Crosswell, who was fourth, threw away his chances of a win after scoring a 2 (the only one) for 5pts on hole B1, by wiping the final two holes on B, better luck next week Rod!

1st Rosco Langoulant (15) 35pts

2nd Murray Hart (14) 35pts

3rd Suzi Lawton (20) 34pts

4th Rod Crosswell (14) 33pts

5th Stephen Mann (12) 30pts

Wednesday, March 6, Siam Plantation – Stableford

Another full field of 20 players at this great venue, even though it was slightly disappointing not to play the best nine here, which is Sugarcane (A loop).

The scoring was somewhat lower than usual with 35pts being the best of the day, attained by Gerry O’Dwyer, taking first place in Div A.  He was followed home by two members here, Art O’Connor and Tom Fitpatrick, both on 30pts, who beat another fellow member, Jim Bryan, also on 30.

Div B, did even less well, with 33pts points being the best anyone could manage.  Anton got that and he beat last minute entry (switched from Pattana) Tim Knight on 32 and Paul Rodgers in third with 30.

There were two ‘2’s from Art O’Connor & Paul Rodgers.

Div A (1-16)

1st Gerry O’Dwyer (8) 35pts

2nd Arthur O’ Connor (11) 30pts

3rd Tom Fitzpatrick (13) 30pts

Div B (17+)

1st Anton Rowbottam (18) 33pts

2nd Timothy Knight (22) 32pts

3rd Paul Rodgers (16) 30pts

Wednesday, March 6, Pattana – Stableford

16 Outbackers were at Pattana today to play the A & B loops from the yellow tees – at 6900 yards we felt the whites were a bit long, even though it is a par 73 course.

We started on A course with a strong breeze blowing from the side making slices and hooks a nightmare, however the course was in very good condition and the greens on A were slightly faster than on B.

Steve Davey has eventually broken through, having seen his handicap drift out to 28 over recent months but today he got his first victory, to follow up his recent ‘2’ and not only did he win with 36pts, he also had another ‘2’, well done Steve.

Second was “Race2Bkk” leader, John Player on 32 and Greg LeBlanc took third with 31, beating Sugar on a count back.

There were three ‘2’s from Steve Davey, Greg LeBlanc & Sugar Ray

1st Steve Davey (28) 36pts

2nd John Player (19) 32pts

3rd Greg Le Blanc (27) 31pts

4th Sugar Ray Handford (18) 31pts

5th Paul Greenaway (9) 30pts

Thursday, March 7, Siam Plantation – Stableford

The 32 players in the TIAC group from Western Australia, playing in a four-day stableford competition with the Outback, rested yesterday, to come out today (Thursday) to play Siam Plantation, on the A & C nines.  It was the first time on this spectacular course for many of them but the general consensus was one of high praise.

The three -day leader board after today’s round saw Graham Holmes, the tour organizer, with a five shot lead, playing off a handicap of 6.  Murray Hart was next best on 104 and both were a long way clear of third placed man, Peter Sapwell (96pts), going into the final round on Friday.

Friday, March 8, Green Valley – Stableford

On any normal Friday with a total field of 76 players, there would be plenty to write about but with the pending Outback tour due in Hua Hin there was not too much time left for writing.

It’s pleasing to report that there was no shortage of caddies and the whole field got away on schedule with the visiting TIAC group playing at the back of the field and their leaders going out last.

Capt’ Steve bounced back to some form at last just in time for Hua Hin, with 41pts to win Div A from Paul Greenaway on 39.  Kev Hamilton and playing partner John O’Keefe had to be split on count back, both with 38pts in Div B, whilst John Stafford recorded the top score of the day, an amazing 44pts to win Div C by four from Greg Hill.  Bob Lindborg continued his good form with another win in Div D on 38pts from Suzi (35) and Seesa (33)

There were three ‘2’s from Wes Rado (9th) and Peter LeNoury & Bernie Stafford on the 12th.

It was no great surprise that Graham Holmes won the TIAC event and their fine cup was presented to Graham by Capt’ Steve, who actually first played with the Outback some years ago now, in a TIAC event.

The Outback’s new Chef put on a good spread of nibbles as the Outback hosted both their own and the TIAC presentations.  Later that evening the boys were off to Rosco’s Good Everything Bar for more liquid nourishment and more good food.

Div A (0-13)

1st Stephen Mann (12) 41pts

2nd Paul Greenaway (9) 39pts

3rd Wes Rado (13) 37pts

Div B (14-16)

1st Kevin Hamilton (15) 38pts

2nd John O’Keefe (16) 38pts

3rd Bob Finley (14) 37pts

Div C (17-19)

1st John Stafford (18) 44pts

2nd Greg Hill (19) 40pts

3rd Anton Rowbottam (18) 39pts

Div D (20+)

1st Bob Lindborg (21) 38pts

2nd Suzi Lawton (20) 35pts

3rd Seesa Phompinmon (26) 33pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 081 578 1956.