Campbell prevails in ‘pea-souper’


PSC golf from the Three Sisters Bar

The fog was so thick this morning at the Pattaya Country Club this 8th of February, it seemed like a scene from a “B” horror movie.  The usual 6:30 am kick-off was delayed for only a short period before Herbie Ishinaga took the lead and drove into a blind fog.  How the caddies were able to find the balls of this threesome may never be known.  Others waited until they could at least see to the 1st hole dog leg.

The skies never completely cleared up until the 13th hole.  Fortunately no one was lost in the fog.

Wednesday winner Mark Campbell (left) with Herbie Ishinaga. Wednesday winner Mark Campbell (left) with Herbie Ishinaga.

Back at Caddy Shack II the cards were tallied and leading the pack was Mark Campbell with a 35.  There were four players coming in with 33 but on the count back, Herbie Ishinaga took second place.  The other 33 scorers were “Jan” Janathorn, Jim Hern, & Vance Millar.

Herbie provided the usual chips and pretzels for table snacks and very good hot dogs for the hot entree.