Campbell and Funk on top form


Golf from the Blue Moose Sports Bar

A great day for golf at the Phoenix Country Club this 24th of May where twelve men and one lady teed off at 8 am.  The weather was nice with partly cloudy skies and the course was in good shape but some of the greens were a bit slow.

The field was set up as “A” flight (0-23) and “B” Flight (24+).  Near pin winners were the Murphy twins, Rich and Dale.  Rich (proxied by Jim Hern) drew a free pizza while Dale got a “Blue Chip”, good for a “top shelf drink”.  Unfortunately Rich was unable to make it back to the Blue Moose; however, his fellow players enjoyed “his” pizza.

Bruce Funk on the left with Mark Campbell. Bruce Funk on the left with Mark Campbell.

All those who returned to the Blue Moose were feted with delicious spicy hamburgers and several plates of crackers and dip.  Scores were tallied with the following results:

“A” Flight had Mark Campbell with 39 points followed by Arnold Van de Graaf with 37 points.  “B” flight had Bruce Funk coming in with 36 points followed by Jim Hern with 35 points.  A photo was taken of the 1st place winners of each flight.

Joe Saint had the shot of the day when he hit a 3-wood to within 2½ feet of the pin from 180 yards out on the 12th hole.  Fortunately he didn’t hit any of the players putting on the green at the time.  Dale Murphy later apologized to Joe for standing on his line.

Monday the 21st of May at Pattaya Country Club found Rich Murphy in first place with 30 points followed by Kunaha Janathorn with 28.

Golf from the Blue Moose is played every Monday at the Pattaya Country Club (playing the front 9 twice) at 7:26 am.  The remaining week’s play varies but is posted on