Bunker Boys golfers triumph over delays and challenging conditions

Paul Smith, winner at Treasure Hill., Michael Brett winner at Burapha Golf Course and Geoff Atwell, winner at Pattavia Golf Course.

Monday, October 23 Treasure Hill Golf Course
Golf enthusiasts faced an unexpected delay at Treasure Hill Golf Course, waiting for forty-five minutes without apparent cause. Despite a shift in the 11:00 booking to 11:30, the golfers managed to start on time. The challenging Treasure Hill course lived up to its reputation, yielding some of the lowest scores in recent memory. Paul Smith claimed the top spot with a modest thirty-one points, setting the tone for a competitive round. The elusive second hole saw only three near-pins awarded to Kob Glover, John Soo, and Paul Smith. As anticipation builds for the final game at Burapha before the high season price surge, golfers remain optimistic about the challenges that lie ahead.

Paul Smith (3) – 31 points
Niall Glover (12) – 30 points
Craig Dows (3) – 30 points
Kob Glover (16) – 29 points
Near pins: John Soo, Kob Glover, & Paul Smith.

Wednesday, October 25 Burapha C & D Golf Course
The last game at Burapha left golfers somewhat disappointed as the course’s condition was deemed the worst in recent memory. Substandard greens, hard-packed bunkers, and deep rough made for a challenging day. Michael Brett secured the top spot on countback, narrowly beating Jimmy Carr, while Paul Smith claimed third in a similar fashion. Despite the difficult conditions, scores were slightly better than at Treasure Hill.

Michael Brett (16) – 35 points
Jimmy Carr (20) – 35 points
Paul Smith (3) – 34 points
Kob Glover (16) – 34 points
Near pins: Alan Sullivan & Craig Dows.

Friday, October 27 Pattavia Golf Course
Pattavia Golf Course, despite recent heavy rain, surprised golfers with its surprisingly good condition. Thunder loomed throughout the day, threatening rain that miraculously held off. Geoff Atwell, the Sherif of Sherwood Forest, claimed the top spot with an impressive thirty-six points. Jimmy Carr secured second place, edging out Roger Tuohy. The course played host to a swift game, with no delays.

Geoff Atwell (25) – 36 points
Jimmy Carr (20) – 35 points
Roger Tuohy (10) – 35 points
Kob Glover (15) – 34 points
Paul Smith (4) – 33 points
Near pins: Jimmy Carr, Roger Tuohy, & Craig Dows.