Buckingham tops the podium by one


PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, August 9, Green Valley – Stableford

There may be three golf courses in this complex, but this is by far my own personal favourite.  On this day we had a good turnout and nearly all arrived at the golf course.  One of our players went from home and I got an SMS after I finished saying he was not arriving as he got lost.  So one less!

Graham Buckingham (right) with Barry Elphick and John Pierrel.
Graham Buckingham (right) with Barry Elphick and John Pierrel.

Now whilst this may seem surprising, over the years we have had some amazing ‘no shows, including your scribe.  In the old days I jumped onto a baht taxi and asked if he could take me to Laem Chabang Golf Course.  I ended up in Laem Chabang Port.  How about going to Khao Kheow?  Been there dozens of times, and missed it a couple of times.  Went to Khao Kheow once and realised it should have been Burapha.  This is only me and there are many more.

On arriving and booking in it was out to the first tee and at present they are completely leveling and landscaping the area on the left of the first tee, so all the players had to play off the first tee over the water.  Remarkably they all did really well and only the odd ball did not make it.  As we were off into a strong wind that was a really good start.  The wind stuck with us all the way around so it was a tough day.

This is a really good course and on the day the greens were fast an true, with fairways that were in good condition.  It also seemed very hot out there and most of the players were struggling towards the end, with a couple really having to hang on.  This is one of the benefits of taking a cart!

Tom Herrington (left) with Dick Warberg.
Tom Herrington (left) with Dick Warberg.

Back at BJ’s it was soon into the results and the winner on the day was Graham Buckingham with 36 points ahead of Barry Elphick in second with 35 and Tom Cotton in third with 34.  We then had a count back on 33 points that saw John Pierrel in fourth and Derek Brook and Daryl Evans just missing out.

Near Pins: Dick Warberg, Derek Brook, Tom Herrington, John Pierrel.

Thursday, August 11, Treasure Hill – Stableford

With the usual Tuesday golf and the PSC Monthly on Wednesday, some golfers were out for their third day in a row.  Dedication!  Despite the extra golf, fourteen intrepid golfers met at BJ’s Lodge to swap stories and get ready for the day ahead.

Every time we play Treasure Hill we wonder why we don’t play there more often.  The layout is scenic and quite interesting with numerous doglegs, fairway trees, and as many can attest, plenty of water and bunkers.  This is not a “close your eyes and swing hard” course.  A little planning goes a long way.

Don’t forget the course here is in very good-to-excellent condition, and now the price is among the best bargains in the area.  If one had to drag up a negative to be balanced, it is all routes to the course, even secret shortcuts, are under construction.  Allow for some extra time.  Treasure Hill is difficult but fair, and scores usually reflect that.

Overall the course won with no one reaching handicap, but Tom Herrington (H/cap 18) came close with 35 points.  A par on the final hole put Tom just a stroke above Dick (Mr. Chip-In) Warberg (23) with 34 points, winning on count back over Don Carmody (26).

Near Pins:  Tom Herrington, Brian Parish, Doug Maiko, John Pierrel.