Buckingham bags top spot




PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Friday, January 13, Pattaya Country Club – Stableford

We do not go to Pattaya Country Club very often because it seems to be a course that lacks any great views as you go around.  This place used to have the best fairways anywhere and that more than made up for the lack of what I would call ‘character”, but now the fairways are now no more than average as the grass seems to have deteriorated.


However, we have been going to Pattaya Country Club a bit more lately because despite what I have said above, the management and staff here remain friendly; a point that many courses with better amenities could take note of.  Many of the players with Tropical Bert’s like to go there because it is a ‘golfer friendly’ course.  Indeed many of the golfers with high handicaps prefer it to courses with a much higher reputation exactly because it is a relatively ‘relaxing’ course.

Friday’s top three pose for a photo at Tropical Bert’s.Friday’s top three pose for a photo at Tropical Bert’s.

On this day we played with those players who do not like playing two day competitions, as per the PSC Championships, or the overflow who could not get in.  Normal service will be resumed shortly, however surprisingly we had quite a good turnout, proving that many people just want to play a round of golf with friends.

It is only a pitch and a put to this golf course, not a long drive, so we were there in plenty of time to join the queue, and the course was pretty full.  So off we went and as usual these days into a strong wind.  Also with ahead backed up at every par 3.

As said, the fairways are not what they used to be, but once I got onto the back nine I was reminded that it was Friday the 13th with 11 bunkers in 7 holes.  I was not the only one as those laughing at my bunker recoveries also started to succumb.  It went rapidly downhill, and I was to see later that all the rest seemed to find the day difficult for similar reasons.

Back at Bert’s for the presentation and Dick Warberg announced the results.  The winner with 38 points was Graham Buckingham ahead of Steve Hamstad in second on 34.  We then had a count back on 33 points that saw Max Matthews in third over yours truly.  Near pins went to Don Carmody, Daryl Evans, Derek Brook and Mike Gaussa.

Presentation over it was then time to top up on ‘Happy Hour’.  T.T.F.N.