Brown fares best at Green Valley


IPGC Golf from the Tara Court

Sunday, May 14, Green Valley – Medal

1st Stuart Brown (13) net 72

2nd Ken Hole (19) net 79

3rd Donal McGuigan (18) net 79

Jerry Sweetnam.
Jerry Sweetnam.

We were lucky again with the weather today although it again looked very much like rain, with a few flashes of lightning and rattles of thunder.

The standard of golf today was not great and at one point it looked like a very poor score was going to win the monthly medal.  However, Stuart Brown, who was playing in the last group, saved the day and came in with a respectable score of seventy-two net to be a very clear winner.

The course was playing long today as it was soft after all the rain and many of the tees were placed well back, but even allowing for that all the rest of the scores were dreadful.  The nearest we had to Stuart were seven shots behind him with Ken Hole getting the second and Donal McGuigan third.  Not surprisingly we had no ‘2’s today.

Tuesday, May 16, Eastern Star – Stableford

1st Jerry Sweetnam (10) 34pts

2nd Shaun Merriman (11) 32pts

3rd Russell Gilroy (18) 31pts

4th John Fenwick (19) 30pts

We were back at Eastern Star today with our friends from the PFGS.  Despite the torrential rain the previous night and that morning, the course was in reasonable condition except for the bunkers which were all washed away and flooded.  We decided to treat them as GUR and a free drop out of them as they were impossible to play.

I am not sure if it is because of the fact that all the courses are playing long now because of all the rain but the standard of golf in our group is poor at the moment.  Jerry Sweetnam was playing his first ever game with us and today he had what was a reasonable score under the circumstances and came out the winner with thirty four points.  Shaun Merriman has returned after an absence and came second with thirty two while Russell Gilroy was burning it up on the front nine with twenty one points but the wheels big time fell off on the back nine and he finished third with thirty one.  John Fenwick took the fourth and last place with thirty points and again today we had no ‘2’s.

Thursday, May 18, Burapha – Stableford

1st John Fenwick (19) 39pts

2nd Joe Peters (22) 35pts

3rd Joe McArdle (16) 32pts

4th Russell Gilroy (18) 32pts

The scoring was improved here today at Burapha despite the fact that we had another small group out.  We played the A and B courses off the white tees and it was playing its full length of 6,300 yards, as after all the rain over the past few days it was very soft with absolutely no run on the ball.  Actually despite all the rain the course was in its usual excellent condition and a pleasure to play.

John Fenwick.
John Fenwick.

John Fenwick was the man of the match with an excellent thirty nine points.  Joe Peters had a dreadful front nine with only twelve points but he certainly made up for it on the back nine as over the next eight holes he scored twenty three points, which also included the only ‘2’, of the day and although he unfortunately had a blank on the eighteenth he still came second with a respectable thirty five.

Russell Gilroy had been neck and neck with John Fenwick for the first ten holes but unfortunately the wheels fell off again and he had to settle for fourth place with thirty two points as Joe McArdle, who also had thirty two, beat him on the count back.