Brown back with a bang

Stuart Brown.
Stuart Brown.

The Tara Court Golf Society

Sunday, Dec. 3, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Stuart Brown (11) 42pts

2nd Bob St Aubin (14) 41pts

3rd Joe McArdle (17) 41pts

4th Phil Mosdale (11) 40pts

B Flight

1st Ian Corica (32) 38pts

2nd Terry Mangan (22) 34pts

3rd Don Everett (23) 32pts

4th Michael Corica (18) 30pts

2’s: Andy Featherstone, Bob St Aubin and Ian Corica.

Phil Mosdale was playing his first ever game with us today and he had a very good start with a score which would normally easily win most days but today his forty points only got him fourth place in A flight.  We had two players with one point more and here Joe McArdle lost out on the count-back to Bob St Aubin.  Stuart Brown has returned after a few months at home and he settled in very quickly as he had an excellent forty two points to claim the top spot today.

Although the scoring wasn’t quite as good in the B flight, Ian Corica had what I think is his first overall win with us as he scored a very respectable thirty eight points, which also included a ‘2’, another first for him.  Terry Mangan took the second spot with thirty four points and Don Everett, who was playing his last game with us for a few months, got third with thirty two.  Ian Corica’s son Michael got the fourth and final place with thirty points.

Tuesday, Dec. 5,
Mt. Shadow – Stableford

We had 24 players today with 13 choosing to play from the blue tees & 11 from the whites.

From the white tees it was close at the top with Per Forsberg (16) on 39 points winning by one over John Fenwick (20).  In third was Alec Smith (23) with 33 points and fourth went to Jeremy Woodham (32) with 28.

In the blue tees group, Craig Hitchens (15) continued his liking of this course with 39 points for top spot.  Taking second place was Phelim Moran (11) on 35 points, third was the consistent Gerry Hannan (12) with 34 and fourth went to Marc Brunner (9) on 33.

Two players shared the 2’s today, with Andy Featherstone having 2 & Craig Hitchens 1.

Thursday, Dec. 7, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Yellow Tees

A Flight

1st Phil Mosdale (11) 39pts

2nd Phelim Moran (11) 38pts

3rd Andy Featherstone (5) 36pts

B Flight

1st Michael Corcia (18) 38pts

2nd Colm Lawlor (15) 37pts

3rd Michael Williams (13) 33pts

White Tees

1st Ken Hole (18) 40pts

2nd Ted Morris (18) 34pts

3rd JJ Harney (14) 34pts

4th Alec Smith (23) 33pts

2’s: Ken Hole, Joe Peters and Serge Stratten

Per Forsberg.
Per Forsberg.

For the first time in a long time we had three flights, one off the white tees and two off the longer yellow tees.

Ken Hole had an excellent forty points of the whites and to make it even better he also had a ‘2’.  Despite playing off the wrong tee box on one hole and then having a blank on it, Ted Morris still managed to come second with thirty four points, not bad from someone who had just celebrated his seventy-ninth birthday the previous day.  JJ Harney also had thirty four but he lost out on the count back and Alec Smith took the fourth and last place with thirty three.

Off the yellow tees, Phil Mosdale was the winner of the A flight with thirty-nine points, Phelim Moran came second with thirty-eight and Andy Featherstone took third with thirty-six.

In the B flight, Michael Corcica was the winner with thirty-eight points, Colm Lawlor was second one point behind and Michael Williams took third with thirty-three.

Nick Caulfield also had a very good payday as he had the only ‘2’ off the yellow tees.