Brian & Bob the toast of the week


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Friday, 14 June, Pattana – Stableford

The course was in very good condition as it seemed the recent rain showers had mostly missed this area.  We did however play ‘lift, clean, and place’ in the fairways based on reports of some rain the day before. 

17 players made the trip after 5 begged off because of the possibility of rain showers, and those 5 missed a very pleasant day out on a fine course.  We played the B and C nines from the shorter, 6400 yards, yellow tees.

Brian Parish.Brian Parish.

Over all the scores were good and the entire experience at this fine facility was pleasurable.  Hopefully we can book it again in the next couple months on one of their Sports Days.

1st Brian Parish (14) 41pts

2nd Paul Alford (27) 36pts

3rd Max Bracegirdle (27) 36pts

4th Mark O’Callaghan (19) 36pts

5th Henry O’Brien (19) 35pts

Near Pins: Mark O’Callaghan, John Hackett, John Davis, Henry O’Brien.

Tuesday, June 18, Greenwood – Stableford

Another trip up the 331, which is not as bad as it once was, but with more and more transport trucks on the road one does need to allow plenty of time.

Bob Watson.Bob Watson.

The test for the day was the A and C nines, as the B nine is still under some major renovation projects.  We did get caught in a few very short rain showers but never enough to stop play.  In fact it seemed that as soon as you got out the umbrella and covered your clubs, the shower was over and all went back to normal.

Other than several bumpy greens due to the plugging of new grass, the course was in good condition.  Being a Sports Day it was also excellent value for the cost.

1st Bob Watson (3) 37pts

2nd Pierre Bietry (15) 35pts

3rd Geoff Bracegirdle (27) 34pts

4th Mick Coghlan (21) 34pts

5th Max Scott (4) 34pts

Near Pins: Bob Watson, John McMahon, Dick Warberg, Brian Parish.