Booth claims the claret jug


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Last week’s report started off with a TRGG vote of thanks to two of the golf courses we played recently.  This week I should like to give my personal thanks to Fergus Brennan and all the golfers who played on Monday 16th July at Century Chonburi for their help and support in a situation that could have had much more serious consequences than it in fact finished.

Seamus Farrell and I were travelling with Mod Chaviraksa to the course when she was rammed from behind, sorry I shall rephrase that, when Mod’s car was rammed from behind by a pickup truck.  Seamus received a bad cut to his head and I had a whack in the back and a whiplash injury.  Mod was ok but her car received a terminal injury to its back end.  I can assure you it was an experience I should not like to repeat in a hurry.

Jim Cleaver - winner at Century ChonburiJim Cleaver – winner at Century Chonburi

Anyway, when we contacted all the other golfers they all came to our assistance and lent their support which was much appreciated.  After a lengthy delay most of us carried on to the golf course and eventually managed to play a round.  Special mention to Mod’s friend Amphan North who came all the way out from Pattaya to help her sort out everything, a good friend indeed.

It was my first visit to Century Chonburi and I have to say it is certainly value for money, with plenty of interesting holes, and I look forward to playing it again when I am a little less shook up.

Jim Cleaver playing off a thirteen handicap took the honours with 36 points with Ted Senior (13) in second on 33 after beating Jeff Bunn (6) on count back.

Tuesday 17th July proved a lot less eventful for our visit to Green Valley and Jim McNeill (15) walked the competition with a magnificent 41 points.  Jeff Bunn went one better than the previous day and shot 35, playing off seven, to take second place and Ito Akitoshi (8) took third with 33 points.

Thursday 19th July was our usual visit to Phoenix where we took on the Mountain and Ocean courses and Jim McNeill, still playing off a fifteen handicap (I guess the previous results were late going into the computer), mopped up the opposition after returning with 40 points to again take first place.  Roger Wilkinson (13) was second with 36 points, winning on count back from ‘Mr. Consistent’ Jeff Bunn (7).

On Saturday 21st July the weather was beautiful and Crystal Bay (C and B courses) was the venue for our very own Open Championship.  David Booth, playing off twelve, won the Claret Jug in a playoff, well on count back actually, from Jim Cleaver (13), both returning 37 points.  Max Scott (2) was third with 35.

David Booth, left, winner at Crystal Bay.David Booth, left, winner at Crystal Bay.