‘Bomber’ Harris still flying high


Phoenix Members Golf Society

Funny how fortunes change in this crazy game we all love and yet hate at the same time.  One minute you are up and then all of a sudden something gets up and kicks you in the teeth to remind you that you just cannot beat this game.

However, after a bad spell about three months ago, Peter (Bomber) Harris is enjoying his term of good golf.  (I am told with quite a lot of luck and I am also fed up taking his photo every week).  Peter duly claimed the first prize today, Tuesday, March 26, which included the Trattoria Italiana restaurant voucher after returning a gross score of 88 to finish with a net 70 and was the only person to break handicap.

Tuesday’s winners pose with staff at The Relax Bar.Tuesday’s winners pose with staff at The Relax Bar.

In second place was Sergio Poggi with a net 72, third place was John Bartley with net 73 and in fourth was Jim Neilson with a net 74.  The rest of the field were the ones who could not come to grips with the greens of Phoenix.  They are so fast and tricky at the moment and coupled with that, some of the pin placements left a little to be desired.  Never mind, same for all.

Our near pin winners today were Tim Mason (2) & Sergio Poggi.  One of them was not won and so the fund went into the lucky draw, which came out with Patrick Browne’s name on it.  (We all felt a little suspicious due to the fact that Patrick pulled out his own name!)   Other lucky prizes (donated by our hosts The Relax Bar) were won by Stuart Gordon, Mike Gerrard & newcomer Randy Choi.

The course condition is getting very dry at present but only off the intended playing areas.  If you stray (as most of us did) then there are a lot of patchy dry lies which are difficult to play off.  Coupled to this are the trees at Phoenix, now really well matured and they are becoming a major hazard to the players who do not keep on the fairways.  However, the tees, fairways and greens are superb.

As of next week we will be well and truly into the low season and Tuesday & Thursday will be Sports Day rates at 800 baht green fee, with Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 1,000 baht green fee.  There may be some special offers at the weekends but I cannot tell what.

We play every Tuesday and Friday at about 11.30 a.m. and members & guests are welcome, with the proviso that they have an official handicap of no more than 28 and they are of the male gender.  Anyone interested in either golf or sea fishing, please contact me (Mike) on 087 091 7565.