Bob St Aubin shoots game of his life


IPGC Golf from The Tara Court

Sunday, August 26 Green Valley – Stableford

We had what was probably our best golf ever here in Green Valley today. We also had our largest group in a while as some of our friends are already starting to come back. We were lucky with the weather today as our last group had just finished and got into the clubhouse when the skies opened and as our best scores came from that group it would have been a shame if they had been washed out.

Actually for our winner it wouldn’t have mattered as he had already enough points accumulated after sixteen holes to have won the competition anyway! This was Bob St Aubin who had the game of his life and he scored a massive forty five points which was I think our best score ever and he came out the winner by a clear six points. Well done Bob, now you will get your wish and get your handicap well reduced which I know will make you happy.

Stuart Brown had thirty nine points, a score which would normally win here but today it was only good enough for a distant second in the A Flight. Jerry Sweetnam also played very well to score thirty eight points and he came third but as he had the only two of the day he walked away with the most money. Michael Hughes also had thirty eight but lost out of the money on the countback.

The scoring wasn’t quite as good in the B Flight but it was still ok and here Bernie Stafford was the winner with thirty nine points. Pat Carty came second with thirty six. We had two players with thirty three and here Joe McArdle won the countback to come third and Russell Gilroy lost it and didn’t make the prizes today.

A Flight

1st Bob St Aubin 14, 45 pts.

2nd Stuart Brown 8, 39 pts.

3rd Jerry Sweetnam 10, 38 pts.

B Flight

1st Bernie Stafford 18, 39 pts.

2nd Pat Carty 20, 36 pts.

3rd Joe McArdle 16, 33 pts.

2’s Jerry Sweetnam, one.

Tuesday, August 28
Eastern Star – Stableford

Bob St. Aubin, winner on Sunday 26th August 2018 at Green Valley.
Bob St. Aubin, winner on Sunday 26th August 2018 at Green Valley.

11 players took the test that is Eastern Star, The weather was overcast & a bit of a breeze made for good playing conditions. The course is in good shape at the moment. Once again the course kept most players scratching their heads on how to put a decent score on the cards.

Jerry Sweetnam (10) is playing very good golf at the moment and easily took 1st place with a fine 37 pts. Joe McArdle (16) kept up his good form since returning from Ireland & had 34 pts for a clear 2nd place. Much to their surprise the minor placings were 3rd Kevyn Wright (11) 31 pts & Russell Gilroy (16) 30 pts.

Jerry added to his winning by having the only 2 today.

Thursday, August 30
Burapha – Stableford

Back in Burapha today where we again played the unusual combination of the A and C nines. We had a very high standard of golf today with even some scoring thirty eight points but not getting in the prizes.

Bernie Stafford had been burning it up on the front nine with twenty three points but he let it slip a bit on the back with only fifteen which meant that he lost out on the countback and he got no money today. We had two more players with thirty eight, Pete Seil had twenty on the front and eighteen on the back but as he had only thirteen on the last six holes, he only got the fourth place but at least he had the consolation of having a two. Donal McGuigan’s fourteen points on the last six meant that he won the countback to take the third place.

We then had two players with thirty nine points and here Serge Stratten lost the countback to earn second place. Lyle Blaw won it and came out the winner.

1st Lyle Blaw 12, 39 pts.

2nd Serge Stratten 20, 39 pts.

3rd Donal McGuigan 18, 38 pts.

4th Pete Seil 7, 38 pts.

2’s Pete Seil and Ted Morris, one each.