Harry Vincenzi aces Plutaluang #3

Congratulations Harry Vincenzi for your hole in one.
Congratulations Harry Vincenzi for your hole in one.

The Jomtien Golf Society

Monday, August 27 Plutaluang – Stableford

The Jomtien Golf Society played the North and West nines today with the cut in the two divisions at 11-19 and 20+. There were some tough pin placings out there and with some very slick greens; this was could be why there was only one score over 30 points.

Harry Vincenzi won Division 1 with 37, with Nik Evans in second place on 30 and Paul Young third with 29.

Curtis Hessler with 30 points won Division 2 and Bill Kana beat Ray Kingwell 18/14 on a back nine countback after they both came in with 29 points.

Nearest the pins: Div 1. Marc Brunner (2) and Nik Evans (2). Div 2. Bill Kana, John Seton and Harry Vincenzi.

There were 10 rollovers in Division 1 and two in Division 2.

On the west par three 3rd Harry Vincenzi hit a six iron off the tee from 151 yards with a slight right to left curve, onto the green and a 10ft roll which dropped into the hole, his first hole in one. Congratulations Harry.

Wednesday, August 29
Khao Kheow – Stableford

It made a change for some time as the Jomtien Golf Society played the A and B nines at Khao Kheow, but with only one division out.

Neil Gamble’s 35 points was the best of the day, Willy Van Heetvelde came in second beating Paul Butler on a 17/16 countback after they both score 34. In fourth place was Alan Bissell with 30 points beating Frank Grainger on a 14/12 back nine countback.

Nobody landed their tee shot on the A3 green in either division, but on B8 Neil Gamble and Willy Van Heetvelde did for nearest the pins in both divisions.

After Harry’s hole in one on Monday there were no rollovers left in either division in the twos. He was a happy chappy and no twos today in either division so a single rollover in each division to Pattavia on Monday.

Friday, August 31
Eastern Star – Stableford

The clubhouse is still under renovation, refurbishment for the men’s locker rooms was supposed to be completed for today but the answer now is next month, which is tomorrow. Who knows, this is Thailand.

Two divisions out with a cut of 7-18 and 19+ and as always in the frame Paul Butler won Division 1 with 36 points. Colin Aspinall came in second two points behind Paul, and a warm welcome return to Per Forsberg who finished third with 31 points.

Tony Thorne won Division 2 with 33 points. David Phillips came second on 31 and John Doyle was third, beating John Seton on a countback of 13/11 after they both came in with 29 points.

There were some very slick greens out there, not what we were used to.

Near Pins: Div 1. Paul Butler (2) and Gareth Piccininn (2). Div 2. Douglas Clark, John Seton and David Phillips.

There were no twos in either division, so four rollovers in Division 1 and two in Division 2 next Friday.