Big fish take the weekend off


After the high winds and rainy storms of late we were quite worried that both our fishing trips would have to be cancelled.  However Buddha smiled on us and both Sunday 15th and Monday 16th July turned out to be very successful days indeed.  Sadly, the ‘biggies’ just did not seem hungry and our live squid baits were untouched.  After a couple of hours of just sitting around we decided it was time for action, so it was onto drifting the day away with small hand lines and rods and a couple of top surface big rigs.

Both days provided at least 5 big carrier bags of fish ranging from 1 pound to 4 or 5 pounds including species such as grouper, red snapper and other snappers, as shown in the photo with Kamping holding a couple of beauts.  On Sunday it was Noel Pittard who received the KPK cap for the best two fish of the day.

Kamping holds her prize catch. Kamping holds her prize catch.

Our trips are not the cheapest in town but with a 65-foot boat we only allow 6 passengers fishing at any time which makes sure of little or no tangles and plenty of room for everyone.  There is an upper deck with relaxers for anyone who fancies a nap for an hour or so.  Needless to say I am up there quite a few times during the day when we move around.

Next scheduled trip is Sunday 29th July with a couple of spaces still available.  Thereafter we are starting to book every fortnight either on a Saturday or Sunday.  However, we can arrange any day if we have enough passengers.  Give me (Mike) a call on 087 091 7565 if you need more information.