Beter is Best

Karl Beter & Henning Olsen.
Karl Beter & Henning Olsen.

PSC Golf from Cafe Kronborg

Monday 11th November Mountain Shadow Stableford

Mountain Shadow was the test on Monday. We had a group of 17, teeing off the white tees, with a stiff breeze behind us at the first. The breeze made the conditions ideal to play in, but made some of the holes into the wind quite tricky. The A flight players seemed to cope better with the conditions as can be seen from the scores.

With the cut being at 22, Lotte Boskov took the B flight honours by six shots from Patrick Poussier in second place.

The A flight was closely contested between Mashi Kaneta and Rob Brown, both with 39 points, but Rob had 22 on the back 9. Arne Max Pedersen could only get third place with a fine 37 points.

A flight

1st Rob Brown (7) 39 pts (22 back 9)

2nd Mashi Kaneta (17) 39 pts (19 back 9)

3rd Arne Max Pedersen (22) 37 pts

B flight

1st Lotte Boskov (23) 35 pts

2nd Patrick Poussier (25) 29 pts

3rd Jan Lovgreen (24) 28 pts

Near pins: #8 Jan Lovgreen #17 Patrick Poussier

Long Putts: #9 Gordon Clegg #18 Karen Brown

Thursday 14th November Pattavia Stableford

Fourteen golfers of various nationalities headed up the 331 to Pattavia. We started under overcast skies and a fresh breeze but by the back nine it was sunny and getting very hot. The course was in its usual condition. Putts that were uphill and straight were easy anything else was impossible to most.

Scoring was pretty average except for Karl Beter who was, by far, the best. Karl easily won the B flight by 4 shots.

The scores in the A flight were even more ordinary, with Henning Olsen winning a close fought podium. Tony Leece taking second place with an impressive 20 points on the back 9.

A flight 0-21

1st Henning Olsen (21) 32 pts

2nd Tony Leece (20) 31 pts (20 back 9)

3rd Rob Brown (7) 31 pts (16 back 9)

B flight

1st Karl Beter (35) 38 pts

2nd Karen Brown (29) 34 pts

3rd Kai Aabling (23) 30 pts

Long Putts: #9 Kai Aabling #18 Jan Lovgreen