Berry bags monthly title


PSC golf from The Bunker Bar

Monday, Dec. 20, The Emerald – Stableford

We arrived at Green Valley to find yet another problem with our booking, and were fortunate to be able to reschedule the competition to nearby Emerald G.C.  We experience more problems with bookings at Green Valley than with any other golf course, this despite reconfirming the booking the day before and on the morning of the event – what more can anyone possibly do?

Things went much more smoothly at Emerald and the course was in good condition, allowing Tony Berry to put in yet another good performance to take the honours on the day, and further cement his lead in the Golfer of the Month.

Tony Berry - Club Champion, December Golfer of the Month and winner at Green Valley. Tony Berry – Club Champion, December Golfer of the Month and winner at Green Valley.

A Flight

1st Tony Berry (11) 39pts

2nd Patrick Kelly (2) 37pts

3rd Peter Kelly (7) 36pts

B Flight

1st Dave Ashman (16) 34pts

2nd Tom Jones (23) 33pts

3rd Richard Baldotto (27) 30pts

Near Pins: Colin Greig, Dave Ashman, Geoff Parker, and Peter Kelly

Wednesday, Dec. 29, Eastern Star – Stableford

Although Eastern Star has not been a regular venue on the Bunker schedule for some time, we decided to play there after receiving reports that the course was now in much better condition.  The reports proved to be correct, and although the greens were still fluffy and slow, the fairways were excellent and a good day was had by all.

Rocky Jones put in the best performance of the day, narrowly beating Peter Kelly to win the A Flight.  The general consensus of the players was that Eastern Star now offers good value and should be back on our regular schedule, so we’ll be returning soon.

A Flight

1st Rocky Jones (7) 36pts

2nd Peter Kelly (7) 35pts

3rd Colin Greig (11) 35pts

B Flight

1st Nile Sheehan (21) 33pts

2nd Roy Dayton (24) 29pts

3rd William Macey (16) 32pts

Near Pins: Tony Berry, Geoff Cox, and Patrick Kelly (2)

Friday, Dec. 31, Treasure Hill – Stableford

New Years Eve, and a smaller than usual group of golfers headed off to Treasure Hill, to find that the course was surprisingly quiet, given that it was a public holiday.  Treasure Hill is now in its best condition for quite some time, but still presents a difficult track for most golfers.  Only Patrick Kelly and Les Burns managed to match their handicaps on the day to win the A and B Flights respectively.

Tony Berry’s fourth place overall increased his total tally in the Golfer of the Month to 53 points, well ahead of the leading contender Mike Corner, who finished 14 points adrift.  Well done Tony, the Annual Bunker Golf Champion, the December Golfer of the Month and the Bunker Pool Champion all in one month!

A Flight

1st Patrick Kelly (2) 36pts

2nd Tony Berry (10) 32pts

3rd Colin Greig (11) 29pts

B Flight

1st Les Burns (28) 36pts

2nd Ron Hall (17) 33pts

3rd Dave Ashman (16) 31pts

Near Pins:  Patrick Kelly, Dave Ashman, and Ken Elmore(2)