Bernie puts the clock back 25 years


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, March 13, Green Valley – Stableford

This was the first course I played here, many years ago, and there have been many changes.  All the old timers remember the original tee-off hole, downhill with lemon grass either side, from the old clubhouse.  That lemon grass took just about every ball driven into it, and if was full with all sorts of creepy crawlies.  That is a memory that has improved.  But the old par 5, what is now the 2nd, was in my opinion a great hole.  Still we have what we have and it is still a fine course.

The reception was busy on our arrival, it does support more than one course, but we were soon through and at the start where you can take one of two tees, and we always take the easier option to get all away to a good start.

Bernie and the other Tuesday winners pose for a photo.

Bernie and the other Tuesday winners pose for a photo.

The course was full, so after getting away late, we were held up at nearly every shot, especially on the front nine, with the back nine being a little more fluid.  The course itself was in quite good condition, but as at most venues at this time of the year, they have seen heavy use and some wear is apparent.  We also had the normal strong wind at this time of the year, still, wind-blown or not we got around.

Back at Bert’s the results were announced.  In the A Flight we had a treat as Bob Watson shot a gross 72, or level par, and this gave him 39 points and the win.  Cracking round!  In second was Alan Sullivan with 38 points on count back over Terry Dutson.

In the B Flight we had something to celebrate as Bernie Cairns came in with a great 44 points for top spot.  Bernie said later, “Today’s round put the clock back 25 years.”  Bernie has had some health problems and it is nice to see him playing good golf.  We then had count back for second place on 36 points and Dick Warberg took second and Virginia Dutson third.

Then for the rest of us it was curry and cold ‘uns!  TTFN.

Near Pins:  Mashi Kaneta, Virginia Dutson, Barry Elphick, Alan Sullivan

Long Putts:  Mashi Kaneta, Terry Dutson