Berger blitz at Green Valley


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, August 6, Green Valley – Stableford

One of our fun games of the month, a pairs multiplier with an individual stableford competition for three divisions as there were 36 out today.

The pairs comp required one player from division 1 and one from division 2 while the normal stableford divisions were split at 5-12, 13-19 and 20+.

Roar Berger and Mike Chatt. Roar Berger and Mike Chatt.

A totally deserted course greeted us on arrival and the first group teed off 30 minutes ahead of schedule.  After nine holes some amazing scores were being reported; 19 points on the front nine for the leader in division 1 and 2 and 23 in division 3, and this was playing off normal placings on the white tees.

Perfect weather conditions today and the course was in good condition with quite fast greens and with an amazing 25 points on the back nine, playing off 29, Roar Berger won division 3 with 48 points, yes 48.  He has never ever played to this before, so well done Roar!  Sid Ottaway was 10 points behind Roar in second place and Joe Kubon took third on 35.

Grant Cadell won the second division with 42 points, beating Bryan Rought by one point, and Harry Vincenzi was third with 39.

Jeff Codeiro, playing off 10, topped the first division with 39 points ahead of the Swansea boy Dave Richards in second on 36, and Mikael Andersson took third one point behind David.

Near pins went to Mikael Andersson, Mike Chatt, Ken Leadstone, Harry Vincenzi, Roar Berger and Bryan Rought.

Other technical prizes were won as follows:  Nearest the pin in 2 shots 3rd hole – (Div 1) Mark Williamson, (Div 2) Burnie Sinclair; Nearest the pin in three shots 8th hole – (Div 1) Mike Missler, (Div 2) Joe Kubon; Nearest the pin in 2 shots 13th hole – (Div 1) Grant Cadell, (Div 2) Alan Bissell; Longest Drive 15th hole – (Div 1) Chris Voller, (Div 2) Gordon Everingham.

Jeff Codeiro and Harry Vincenzi shared the ‘2’s pot in division 1 and William Chang and Sid Ottaway were smiling all the way to the bank after sharing the rollover pot in division 2.

The overall winners in the pairs multiplier were Roar Berger and Mike Chatt with 83points, while in second place came Bryan Rought and Burnie Sinclair after beating Alan Bissell and Dave Richards on a 37/32 count back, both pairs with 66 points.

Wednesday, August 8, Phoenix – Stableford

We were back on the Mountain and Lakes again today with 29 players in eight groups out on a cloudy, overcast day.

After Monday’s extraordinary scores another one came in today and for the first time ever with this score, David Phillips won division 2 with 41 points.  Rod Howett took second place in the division with 35 points and in third place was ‘Countback’ Burnie on 33.

Al Griffiths topped division 1 with 37 points and Harry Vincenzi beat Lee Casey on a 19/17 back nine count back for second as both came in with 36 points.

The cut in the divisions today was 7-20 and 21+ and Grant Cadell birdied Mountain 8 to win division 1 ‘2’s pot while there were no claimants in the second tier.

Near pin prizes went to Lindsay Phillips, Dave Richards, Chris Voller, Jean Morel and ‘Countback’ Burnie.

Friday, August 10, Eastern Star – Stableford

We decided to have a 36 hole tournament today and the following Monday as well as the individual stableford competition.

It was looking very dark and dismal as we arrived but there was a cool breeze luckily no rain throughout the round.

The best score today came in division 1 from Mike Missler, playing off 12, who won with 38 points.  John Batti took second in the division after beating Chris Voller on a 17/16 back nine count back after they both scored 36 points each.

Joe Kubon won division 2 with 35 points, while Chris Reed beat Rod Howett on a 15/13 count back after a meager 29 point return from each of them

Near pins were claimed by Mike Missler (2), Chris Voller, Rod Howett and Chris Reed.

Tony Kay birdied the 6th in division 1 to scoop the ‘2’s pot while there were more rollovers in division 2.