Begorrah it’s the boyo’s bogey


Phoenix Tuesday/Friday Golf Group

Tuesday, November 22 – Phoenix G.C.

Last month we played a ‘bogey’ competition for the first time.  It seemed to be well received and it was agreed to try it again this month.  How attitudes can change.

Not one player was happy with this format today.  In saying that, possibly the victors of the day were happy.  John Bartley and Eamon Murtagh shared first place with a returning score of -1.  Joint second were Denis Dixon and Richard Baldwin with a score of -2.  The rest were all looking forward to the lucky draw!

I think the problem with this format is that most players do not feel that they have played a full game of golf.  If your net score reaches bogey or worse you may as well pick up.  A lot of players do not like to pick up until they cannot contribute to their card at all.  So it was unanimously decided to kick this format into touch after today – back to the relatively easy to understand, Stableford.

Tuesday’s top two with the staff at the Relax Bar. Tuesday’s top two with the staff at the Relax Bar.

The course today was the Ocean and Mountain in that order, another confusing item for the day as well.  Both nines have the same stroke indexes and anyone with an odd number as a handicap has to be careful to take their shots on the correct holes.

However it is nice to report that the course conditions are now back to the high standard we have come to know in the past.  Phoenix is not regarded as the toughest course in the area, but the greens, when they are up to speed along with some of the pin positions are very difficult to score on.  Three and four putting is not uncommon on these greens.  They say if you have a good short game (chipping and putting) then you can score well at Phoenix.

So back at the ranch (the Relax Bar) we spent far too long trying to sort out everyone’s score (another reason to scrap the ‘bogey’ idea).

Near pins were the only thing straight forward today and they went to Denis Dixon (2), John Bartley & Eamon Murtagh.

Lucky draw prizes donated by the Relax Bar went to Bill Hewitt, Roger Ison (who we welcomed back after a long absence) and Jim Neilson, who after a horrendous day on the course was rewarded with finally making a par on the last (always the way innit.  Say to yourself I think I will give this stupid game up and then play a blinder on the last hole.  Oh, think I will play again!)  Also he was rewarded with the free massage given by our hosts.  After his first drink being given free and the massage he ended up as the highest value winner on the day – poetic justice?

Accomplished players with an official handicap are welcome to join us all for a serious game of golf, but with a lot of fun.  If you are interested please call me (Mike) on 087 091 7565 for more information.

If you are not a member of Phoenix Golf Club you can enjoy a preferential rate of 1,000 Baht green fee as a guest of the members, but the above qualifying conditions apply.